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for Career Coaches

Successful clients are ones who are empowered with all the tools of a strategic job search. CDI positions you to be that go-to resource with actionable programs you can begin using immediately to educate, coach, and support your clients in the areas they need most.

Plus, when you expand your skills in these areas, you create wins for your clients, reduce your own risk of their dissatisfaction, and dramatically boost your revenue-per-client.

Why doesn't CDI have a Coaching 101 program? Because most job seekers feel they need to find a new or better job as soon as possible and are looking for immediate and effective tools to do so. CDI provides you with the tools that job seekers will invest in with our state-of-the-art programs.

Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC)

CEICAdd more to your toolbox! The CEIC will have you skilled to educate and coach clients to interview and salary negotiation success almost instantly. This system of done-for-you materials and bolt-ons will give you instant confidence to prepare clients for any interview eventuality while also providing you with the tools to effectively market and sell this service.

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Master Career Director (MCD)

MCD LogoDo you consider yourself a Master of your trade? Someone who has repeatedly provided the vision, tools, motivation, strategies and expertise to guide clients to success? If you have distinguished yourself in your discipline, be it resume writing, career coaching, career assessment, recruiting, job placement, outplacement, career counseling or human resources, you now have a way to benchmark your advanced level of talent with this designation. The MCD also places a key role in pursuing CDI's Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Certified Hidden Job Coach & Profile Writer (CJCPW)

CDI Certified Hidden Job Coach & Profile WriterYour clients don't know that 80% of jobs are hidden, that traditional job search is broken, that their digital signature can help or harm them, and that there is tremendous power for job search success when they harness the LinkedIn platform. When you earn this certification, you will be armed with everything you need to guide your client's online profile development, job search, and online identity. You will also have the tools to effectively build your own visibility and authority online.

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From time to time CDI retires a credential. This may be due to market changes or this introduction of a more current replacement program.

There are no plans to reintroduce the following programs. This section exists solely to verify the existence of these credentials to job seekers who are looking into the validity of a career professional's claim. To see if a career professional does indeed hold a credential, visit CDI's Find a Career Pro database.

Certified Professional - Online Job Search & Reputation Management (CP-OJSRM)

OJSRM LogoYour clients don't know that 80% of jobs are hidden, that traditional job search is broken, and that their digital signature can help or harm them. Through this course and certification, you will gain all the tools to help clients navigate online job search and personal branding-online identity-reputation management. Help your clients take control of their success and see you as a champion when you gain and apply this credential.

Individuals holding this credential will be valid through 2021. After that in order to stay up-to-date with market changes, they will have upgraded to the Certified Hidden Job Coach & Profile Writer credential.

Certified Electronic Career Coach (CECC) / Certified Internet Job Search Expert (CIJSE)


These programs were replaced by the newly updated Certified Professional in Online Job Search and Reputation Management (CP-OJSRM) course. The CP-OSJRM represents state-of-the-art content for online job search, career management, and identity/reputation.


Master Federal Career Coach (MFCC) / Master Federal Career Coach/Trainer (MFCC/T)

MFCCThe Master Federal Career Coach certification provided career professionals with the knowledge and resources to help shape their clients’ understanding of the federal employment landscape in the 21st Century. Additionally, it taught how to identify client qualifications and coach them in finding jobs and developing effective application materials.

MFCCTThe “Coach’s Toolbox” added huge value with powerful, relevant resources such as job-winning resume samples and templates tailored for each of the popular online resume systems.

The MFCC/T includes all the content of the MFCC course along with a train-the-trainer version, which allowed practitioners to effective create training and instruction programs for the federal career coaching industry.

The MFCC (now the Master Federal Career Advisor) course and the MFCC/T (now the Master Federal Career Advisor / Trainer) course are now available through CareerPro Global Inc.  Visit their site directly to learn more. 


Corrections Career Transition Certified (CCTC)

The Corrections Career Transition Certified credential was the first program of its kind targeted at training and certifying correctional groups, or those who work in similar transition environments with inmate release and reintegration, at the private, federal, state, and county level to drive a reduction in recidivism by empowering criminal justice specialists with skills in employment strategies, personal and skills marketing, resume development, interviewing, and image presentation.

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