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    What if growing your career industry business to 6-figures is easier than you can possibly imagine?

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    • Break the $100K annual revenue mark without working long hours.
    • Stabilize my revenue so there are no more hills and valleys.
    • Get more prospects saying "Yes" to my 4-figure offers.
    • Start a new business and do it right the first time with less risk and more reward.
    • Find the time to finally make my big goal a reality.

    Finally you can stop going it alone, hone your craft and build a 6-figure-plus business in a fraction of the time.

    In fact, we find that most of our clients pay for this investment in the very first sale they make while working with Laura DeCarlo.

    Hi, I'm Laura DeCarlo, President of Career Directors International, multi-certified business success coach, award-winning resume writer, author, Money Breakthrough Method® Coach, Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer, Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, Certified Content Marketing Specialist, elite member of Forbes Coaches Council, and a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach®. I'm here to tell you that regardless of your geography, your sales and marketing skills, and your current level of expertise, if we work together and you are willing to learn and adopt new yet easy strategies, you can break barriers and become a 6-figure (and up) income producer.

    You see, I know what it's like to be trying to build a business when you have challenges. When I first started out, I didn't have a business loan, an investor, or a nest egg to work with (and there was no Internet to give me instant access to marketing on a global scale). In fact, I could only afford a few sheets of colored paper a week on which to create my 'master marketing messages'! I also dealt with all those pesky things we're accustomed to facing - the doubt and fear of our family about 'what's this hobby' and 'when will you get a real job', needing to pay my bills, and personally fighting against a debilitating chronic pain disease that frequently left me working from my bathtub with a laptop!

    But I was driven to be successful, stay self-employed, build my business, make a great living, and love what I do! I find my own success coach and mentor, and in less than two years I broke the 6-figure marker, continued to make and attain bigger and bigger goals, and love my life, despite life's challenges, ever since.

    You can too!

    Together we can break through barriers by working on common as well as unique challenges that make big differences.

    Here are just a few of the successes that could happen for you (I know, because they happened to me):

    • Access the secrets to creating and continuing to expand a six-figure-plus income through resume writing and career services, whether you are starting out, stalled, or strategizing -- without wasting precious years to do it.
    • Achieve 6-figure-plus results whether working in a sexy office suite, hosting seminars in my dining room, working from the bathtub or bed when facing chronic pain and illness, or enjoying the freedom of a totally virtual business model.
    • Keep revenue flowing by changing strategies to embrace subcontractors and VAs when new opportunities to expand come your way, such as being tapped as resume expert for one or 50 professional associations.
    • Earn six figures (plus) even when you decide you only want to work 25-30 hours on your established business.
    • Design virtual and brick-and-mortar programs and solutions for clients, groups, agencies, colleges, and universities (that can win you awards, publicity, and profit) - just picture one self-published book that turns into a $100K revenue stream.
    • Secure contracts and travel the country performing transition workshops for companies, corporations, and even the U.S. government with daily fees of no less than $5000.
    • Begin cashing in on a life-long learning philosophy by winning resume competitions, attaining certifications, and achieving related accolades.
    • Close (consistently) as much as 97% of your prospects via phone and face-to-face consultations.
    • Enhance your visibility -- locally, nationally, and even globally -- as an expert presenter.
    • And more...

    This is not just for the struggling or stressed. Together we can take you to the next level and beyond.

    I want you to understand that there is nothing you are experiencing or dreaming about attaining that I haven't been through before.

    Together we will analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to figure out a game plan. Or, if you already know what you want to work on, we'll jump straight in!

    This is NOT a one-size-fits-all class but a powerful business opportunity to laser-focus on your unique needs -- on what it takes for YOU to be even more successful than you already are today.

    A few other examples of what we might do together:

    • Navigate a roadmap for starting up your business, bull-dozing the roadblocks you are encountering, or visioning, establishing your brand, or pursuing (and winning) your next big goals.
    • Clear roadblocks that are standing between you and the success you desire.
    • Identify the small changes in your processes that can result in real, big wins for you in added profit, time freedom, and satisfaction. These can range from selling and marketing to pricing, packaging, time management, client relations, and website content.
    • Create a game plan for building or enhancing credibility in the industry so you can attract more prospects and make more money.
    • Set up processes for your business to control risk, maintain happy clients, and reap tangible rewards from self-employment.
    • Learn to sell and increase revenue per client with ease.
    • Develop additional revenue streams and prospect escalation models so you are literally making money while you sleep. (It's easier than you think to take what you are already giving away and package it).
    • Strategize to write, publish, and market your first or next book.
    • Help you transition to your next phase or big win. (Ask yourself, what is it I really want next?) Together we can get there!

    The beauty is that together, no problem is too big and no opportunity to large. I will guide you to create realistic action steps that produce real results in a mere fraction of the time and struggle it would take to do on your own, if at all.

    Consulting with me is fantastic if you are starting out and want to take flight, mid-career and wanting to fly higher, or already soaring and want to go supersonic!

    Client Sucess Stories

    Amanda Rico, Ph.D., Rico Editorial Services

    I can’t express how critical Laura and CDI have been to the success of my resume writing business. When I first launched my business, I joined CDI as well as the Fly Higher Club to ensure that I had a support system to avoid any pitfalls associated with launching, running, and maintaining my business.

    Little did I know that my business would grow into something that would earn me over $175K annually! When I started hitting speed bumps in my sales process, I reached out to Laura for business consulting. Again, this investment paid off beyond my wildest dreams.

    I made $20K in only the FIRST WEEK of implementing a new package-based system for my service offerings. Each time I deployed a new recommendation from Laura, my business doubled and/or tripled in revenue. I am on track to double my annual revenue from last year.

    If you’re considering joining CDI or working with Laura one-on-one, stop putting it off. Having her in your corner will transform your business processes and deliver results beyond your wildest dreams!

    Amanda Rico, Ph.D.

    Rico Editorial Services

    I raised my prices by double-digits last year with your help, and the world should know that!

    When my executive resume writing and coaching business began breaking sales record after sales record, I needed help. I was elated. BUT, I’d never “played this big” before.

    Laura gave me the tactical and mindset tools I needed to step up to the next level, build a team to support me, deal with ensuing revenue ebbs and flows, make time for key projects, and keep my sanity. She also gave me the insight to realign my packages with services I’m excited to offer while guiding me toward even greater revenue and profit margins (I was able to raise my prices 30%+ and set the stage for more growth down the road).

    Laura is a true business expert and has the high EQ to zero in on exactly what you need most. She brings order to chaos, growth to stagnation, and renewed joy to entrepreneurs who need a new infusion of energy and strategy.

    Kimberly Robb Baker

    Movin’ On Up Resumes
    female silhouette

    Having been in the careers industry for more than 25 years, I had reached a point where I had become complacent and unmotivated. Coaching with Laura got me back on tract and re-energized. Within a few months, I had restructured my packages, modernized my sales presentation, and fine-tuned my approach and began closing more sales.

    Laura also challenged and encouraged me to enter the TORI contest where I upgraded my resume design and formatting skills and won two nominations and a second place award.

    Through CDI membership and our coaching, I realized the vast amount of resources and tools available to all CDI members. Laura is committed to helping members on virtually every topic related to our industry. She leaves no stone unturned.

    Through her Fly Higher Tribe group coaching, she offers hot-seat group coaching which I have found very beneficial as I receive other members’ opinions and recommendations as well.

    I’m so appreciative for her encouragement and support.

    Beverly Harvey


    I JUST sold another VIP package. So – you helped me increase my prices by 1/3 and for other packages 100% respectively.

    I recouped my coaching investment with you within the first week of raising my prices, we are now ahead of schedule for our annual financial goals (and it is only Jan 9th!) and these changes will empower me with more free time to create more information products for my business.

    Thank you!!! I could not have figured this out as easily or as quickly without your help, and that’s the truth.

    15-month update:
    Last year, thanks to you, we had a 30% increase in revenue and a 30% decrease in clients. I look at the client decrease as a very good thing – it gives me room to strategically grow while we make more and spend more energy on our deserving clients.

    Additionally, I did go ahead with your idea to bring a service in house last year that had previously been outsourced. We dramatically increased the quality of the results we were achieving for our clients and we captured about another $7K in revenue.

    Mary Elizabeth Bradford


    Laura’s guidance has had more of an impact on growing my business than anyone else in the business.

    As a result, I’ve watched my business grow from a tiny, local business to a key player in the industry.

    In the past year I have more than tripled my revenue!

    I’ve now had clients invest as much as $800 in career services, and that’s in a small city with a 4% unemployment rate and where my previous competitors charged $75 (for a resume and cover letter).

    I certainly couldn’t have accomplished all that I have without your support and guidance. You are AMAZING!

    Angie S. Jones

    Haute Resume & Career Services LLC
    Portrait of Karen Bartell of Best-in-Class Resumes

    I tried your 97% close rate script and it was like some kind of magic. I went into the spiel with the prospect, “3 different audiences, keywords, etc”.

    I described my packages (which thanks to you are now delineated and a choice between “Yes” and “Yes” instead of between “Yes” and some other writer) and pitched them $300 higher than previously. He acted like he couldn’t get out his credit card fast enough; like he was afraid I would go away.

    He tried to give me his credit card while driving! In the past they used to tell me they were driving as a way to get off the phone. But, by using your tried-and-true method, driving was not an object, it’s like I was giving away gold.


    Well, another amazing event! I had a consult call with a client early in their career using your magic spiel. I quoted and sold him my “Deluxe” package for double the price I would have charged someone at his level before.

    I sold him the $1165 “Deluxe” package that includes LinkedIn…this is double the price I would have charged someone at his level before! He told me he was honored to work with me.

    This all means that now I can make the sale, at double the price, and the privilege is theirs!

    Karen Bartell

    Best-in-Class Resumes
    Portrait of Cathy Lanzalaco of Inspire Careers

    Working with Laura has transformed my sales process. Through use of her methodology I’m now closing sales at slightly more than double my former prices. Her wisdom and guidance also allowed me to begin experiencing sales breakthroughs with a particularly challenging population and even better, let me take a 2-week vacation while still having the largest revenue month of the year. I am excited about what success 2020 will bring!

    Cathy Lanzalaco

    Inspire Careers

    Based on your advice in our first session yesterday, I changed my approach to the consultation and increased my quote to a senior executive prospect last night. I offered him a resume and LinkedIn profile at an increase of more than 400% over the rates I’ve been quoting (and not always successfully closing). He paid and we’re off and running!

    When I stepped back and thought about our conversation, I really know that I’m worth to my clients. Thank you for helping me to remember that and to begin quoting properly for the value I offer.

    As an aside, I shared your strategies with my VA who is excellent but undercharging. As a result, she too increased her price and had no problem closing the next prospect who came along at her higher rates!

    This is all because of your influence and deserves a happy dance for you!

    Irene Marshall

    Tools for Transition
    (portrait) Emily Kapit

    As a career advisor to others (in addition to resume writer, etc.), I believe highly in the value of coaching and had been looking for my own coach for some time.

    When I came across Laura and Career Directors International, it felt like career advisory kismet! From our very first conversation to the work we still do today, she has been instrumental in helping me take my business from successful to super-successful.

    Laura’s guidance, perspective, and ability to see things from a strategic and pragmatic place helped me make decisions that paid off big-time with consistently higher profit coupled with more time freedom.

    After our very first session, I made one tweak to my business structure (per Laura’s suggestion) and the investment I made into coaching with her paid itself off in less than a week – our most profitable week at the time but now definitely the standard.

    Emily Kapit

    ReFresh Your Step Coaching & Consulting

    As soon as I got off of the phone with you after our third coaching session, I increased my prices and revised my packages based on your suggestions. I got an inquiry that night, used your 3 step process and the client invested for double what I was charging!

    I am glad I invested in your services. I made that money back and then some!

    Sally Calloway

    The Career Coach

    How Does Our Consulting Work?

    • 3 Months

      Your program commitment will span three months.

    • 2 Phone Sessions per Month

      You will receive two individual, deep-dive sessions by phone per month with expert guidance, strategy, and next step action plans on the topics you want or we decide on together.

    • Screen Sharing Available

      We will use screen sharing as needed during the sessions to show you solutions or resources in real-time.

    • Personalized Toolset

      You will be provided valuable guidance tools, check sheets, and materials will be provided for your use, as applicable.

    • Recordings Upon Request

      Your sessions can be recorded for your reference, if desired.

    • Powerful Results

      You can expect to attain powerful breakthroughs, actions, and outcomes.

    How Is This Program Different from a Course?

    In a structured course, you fit yourself to a set program curriculum that follows an A to Z path meant to cover the typical requirements of (fill in the blank - writing resumes, being an entrepreneur, etc.). Sure, you will pick up some new knowledge but mostly you will be trying to cram a round plug into a square hole.

    You will spend a lot of unnecessary time on information that you don't need or already know. You might never even dive into the topic you exclusively need to unlock your success.

    And, there likely won't be anyone to come back to with progress reports and challenges in future sessions. Instead, you just take your ready-made content and go.

    In consulting we have the opportunity to customize to you and for you meaning you will receive personalized strategy that creates high impact results in a fraction of the time. I am here to support you and your success each and every step of the way!

    This is your individual path to success!

    How Do I Get Started?

    Because of the highly individualized 1-1 nature of consulting, I am only able to accept a few clients at a time.

    As you can see if you have checked out the testimonials on the right, my typical client has been able to double and even triple their revenue with as little as one session, and that's not to mention all the exciting strategies they implement or the time saving and stress-reducing change that also takes place.

    You're probably already doing the math in your head to realize if you had this same level of results you would pay for this program with as little as just one client.

    But let's think worst case scenario. Maybe you only grow your revenue by just 25-30% or learn just one technique that has you finding 5-10 extra hours each week, what would your life look like now? What could you do with all that added money and additional time?

    I know your life would be pretty fantastic and you'd be reenergized, recommitted, more focused, and continuing to grow!

    By the time we are done working together those kinds of feelings will no longer be a longed-for dream but a reality!

    Are you ready to see yourself with this success? Don't put your possibilities on hold - get started now!

    Carefree woman enjoying freedom outdoors

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    PS…to ensure you get personalized, quality coaching, we limit the number of clients we coach at any one time. Once the limit is reached, new clients are placed on a waiting list until we have space available. We will notate here if there is a current waiting list.

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    Not Sure This is For You?

    Have questions or want to learn if Laura has an opening to start? Schedule a consultation call with me by emailing info@nullcareerdirectors.com.

    More Testimonials about Consulting with Laura DeCarlo

    Tammy Shoup

    Tammy Shoup, Breakthrough Resume Writing Service

    If you have the opportunity to sign up for the Business Profit Rocket Individualized Consulting Program, DO IT!

    After a devastating loss, I turned to Laura to help me formulate a plan of action to go from working behind the scenes as a ghostwriter for other firms to having the courage to step out of the shadows and move my business forward by making choices that benefit me. In each session, Laura freely shared her wealth of experience and ideas while guiding me through the process of identifying and implementing new strategies that will open the door to a whole new level.

    She is a ‘career hero,’ a ‘profit-rocket scientist,’ and I have come to regard Laura as a valued friend as well as a business advisor.

    Although the “why” behind my need to make the change is hopefully different than yours, I encourage you to tap into her expertise in designing a targeted business strategy, eliminating roadblocks, and navigating a competitive business frontier.

    (photo) Kalindi Garvin

    Kalindi Garvin, Career Communication Strategies

    Laura DeCarlo provided me with the insight and direction I needed to move my business forward. Her ideas, encouragement, and practical solutions to the challenges I was facing inspired me to take action, resulting in immense personal and professional growth.

    Laura motivated me to pursue my CMRW and identified numerous other avenues to gain publicity, build awareness, and take my business to the next level. I can’t place a high enough value on her one-on-one coaching skills and her insight into the resume writing business!


    Brenda Bernstein, www.TheEssayExpert.com

    Laura DeCarlo is an amazing mentor and coach. She pushed me hard and with love, and, to be honest, it was not always easy to take her laser coaching. But I almost felt I owed it to her to follow her advice since she was putting in such effort on her end. Once I implemented Laura’s suggestions, my game jumped up many levels. The investment of time and money was well worth the effort; I got way more than I bargained for.

    female silhouette

    Lynette Harley, Career Corner Services, LLC

    What can I say that you don’t already know about Laura DeCarlo and CDI? Laura is very personable, while informative. Her ability to “think on her feet” and be able to find solutions that are right in front of your face is mind boggling. Her expertise in the fields of resume writing and career coaching is phenomenal.

    I was in desperate need of Laura’s assistance for upgrading my company’s direction so, I signed up for one-on-one coaching with her. The information she shared is invaluable!!!!! She showed me the power and success of updating my website and helped me to better clarify my services for my clients.

    I am so happy that I have worked with her and was able to become a beneficiary of her knowledge. I, along with my business, are the better for it.

    Without any hesitation or reservation, I highly recommend that you make CDI and Laura DeCarlo a party of your business. You’ll be all the better for. It, too. She is truly great and I honor her for her commitment to helping others succeed.

    (portrait) Shelly A. Piper

    Shelly Piper, Piper Strategy Group

    I would be absolutely lost without your coaching!

    Everyone is unique in where they get “stuck” in growing their practice. For me, I struggled with being true and authentic in owning my unique brand in the market. I also struggled with structuring my programs and creating full-service solutions with pricing that made sense for the level of involvement and expertise I was providing, as well as shaping boundaries around my services so that I could regain a sense of balance in my personal life.

    Laura’s program and coaching – and unwavering, relentless commitment to supporting my growth as a successful practitioner and business owner – has helped to address all these pain points – and so much more. I now head into the market with a new level of confidence, empowerment and structure that has helped me to grow by business by 30% within only a few short months.

    Cheryl Lynch Simpson

    Cheryl L. Simpson, Executive Resume Rescue

    In the two weeks since working with Laura (and Pat) I have closed 60% of my consults with two more still pending – my best win ratio ever. Plus, I increased each of my quotes and captured bigger packages and larger sales with each, to the tune of nearly $9K. That also represents an all-time high, which includes my single biggest sale to date.

    Thank you for an exceptional return on my training investment in this CDI program!!!

    (portrait) Georgia Adamson

    Georgia Adamson, A Successful Career

    Laura’s coaching program has done at least two critical things for me and my business already:

    1. Reenergized my focus on business-building activities that offer good payoff potential.
    2. Reminded me that it’s important to charge what I’m worth and not sell myself short!

    I’m still putting many of her great ideas into practice and expect continued progress going forward. However, I’m already seeing some results that are very encouraging. For example, I recently submitted two project proposals that it looks like the clients will accept, and both are for packages priced significantly higher than I would have proposed in the past.

    Lisa Rangel, Chameleon Resumes TM LLC

    Working with Laura as a business consultant helped me get very clear on my own resume writing standards to be able to convey specific expectations to my team. As a result, my process to exceed my client’s high expectations has now been streamlined, contributing more to my bottom line and those of my partners/affiliates, while continually making my clients happier.

    What amazed me was how much could be covered and addressed in three calls. Laura’s generosity with her knowledge, time and commitment to me truly blew me away. I came to her with specific initiatives to streamline the process of my business and…voila!…that’s what I got and more.

    This money spent has returned on itself already in additional revenues, profits and time saved that I can use to invest in myself and my business.

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