SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers (Audio)

Our guest expert, Karen Callahan of www.AdventuresOnline.com leads this powerful master class.

No longer be one of those bloggers lost in the search engines because they “don’t know what they don’t know”. Be the blogger that soars to the top of the search results pages because you take advantage of the SEO opportunities available to you every time you write a post!

The purpose of this teleclass is to shed light on the power that everyday bloggers have to influence how the search engines perceive them and where the search engines offer them (list their blogs) as viable choices to prospects doing searches.

You will learn how to help Google understand who you are and what you do. Think Jerry Maguire…The scene where Tom Cruise is begging, “Help me help you!…” Well, Cruise is Google, and you are Cuba Gooding Jr., the football player who holds the key to helping himself. After this teleclass, you will be aware of many opportunities you have to help Google figure out who you are and what your blog is about so that Google correctly categorizes your blog and presents it on search engine results pages to highly targeted audiences. You will understand the places where you can add SEO, the recommended components for successfully doing full, DIY-SEO on each post, the components that Google considers most important, how to keep yourself focused, and more.

Prerequisites: All members are welcome, but this will be jumping right in to the WordPress dashboard, so hands-on familiarity with WordPress will be a plus.

About the presenter:

Karen Callahan launched Adventures Online in 1997. For 15 years she has been designing and developing websites and blogs that get found and training her clients to take a search engine’s perspective when maintaining their blogs and websites so that they help themselves get found (aka search engine optimization). She has specifically installed and customized over 60 WordPress blogs/WordPress-based websites.

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