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    Selling Success: The Magic of Yes or Yes vs. Yes or No (Video Lesson)

    I do motivational posts and empowerment challenge videos on my personal Facebook account all the time. It’s been on my radar to start sharing video lessons with CDI members, but never thought it would be today – Hurricane Irma preparation day two – in my t-shirt and no makeup! But as I was waiting in a two hour line at 7 AM this morning to procure plywood to hurricane-proof my home and offices, I had a conversation that inspired me.

    This video is quick (only 5 minutes) but packed with valuable insight.

    The end game of your selling consultations is to get to “YES”.

    But, I see so many career entrepreneurs make the mistake of offering only one solution when they are pitching their services. This could be a package or a single service.

    But the problem is that this leaves your prospects with a choice between only “Yes and No”. “Yes, I want to work with you” or “No I don’t”.

    Wouldn’t it be better if you could give them a choice between “Yes and Yes”?


    That happens when you give your clients options.

    Watch my short video to learn exactly how to set this up so you can start closing more sales by getting to yes! Afterward, be sure to delve into the other lessons for the scripts and strategies to make it happen!

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