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    Secrets to Winning TORI Resume Awards (Audio)

    TORIResume writing is your profession. Whether you’re just starting out or seasoned and savvy, you’ve probably already heard that winning a Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) award will cement your success. As one winner wrote this year:

    I couldn’t believe the immediacy of the response! Within two months of the TORI award announcement (and before the winning resumes were even posted) I was hit with a big wave of new clients. These clients were exclusively due to the TORI award announcement without any additional marketing on my part!

    If you’ve ever visited the TORI entry registration page and seen the success stories, then you know that’s the norm and not a rare phenomenon!

    In fact, I credit winning resume writing awards early in my career as a key catapult to my business profitability — over six-figure revenue at 2.5 years (and we’re talking 20 years ago). I’ve seen so many TORI winners and even nominees have similar results, getting to pick and choose their ideal clients, charge premium rates for their time, and have a steady flow of clients who want to work with them simply because they won a TORI.

    Awards in your area of expertise make you stand out and can open doors to your future that you might otherwise work much harder to step through.

    So, let’s talk TORIs!

    During this Q&A call I shared answers to the questions about just what it takes to win a TORI:

    • Do you need special software to create a TORI winner?
    • Exactly what are the judges looking for in winners?
    • Does visual design trump powerful writing?
    • What if I don’t have that perfect client with the perfect information to feel I am ready to enter the TORIs?
    • How could I enter a truly outstanding resume and not even get nominated?
    • Can you give me some simple ways to start boosting my writing? What about my page layout?
    • If these are the so-called best resumes, why don’t they have to be ATS compatible?
    • I keep missing out because I don’t have the time to get my entries ready. How can I make this my year?
    • What can I do because I’m not very creative and don’t know how to even start making my resumes look like the TORI winners?
    • Is there anything else I can do to boost my chances of getting nominated or winning?
    • I’m still pretty new to resume writing so should I bother entering?

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