Resume Writers: [Infographic] WIFM TORI Award Competition – 3 days left

TORI Resume Writing Awards - What's In It For Me InfographicEvery year we hear from resume writers desperate to grow their businesses as rapidly as possible.

There’s a lot on the line when you are self-employed or needing to attract subcontracting opportunities!

For 21 years the answer has always been the same:

Enter the Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Award competition.

Then out come the excuses.

I don’t have the time.

I don’t know if I am ready yet.

I’ll wait until next year.

But the cold hard reality is that some of these businesses DON’T MAKE IT to next year, no matter how talented the resume writer.

Growing a resume writing business rapidly does not have to require you to throw thousands of dollars at additional certifications, SEO tweaks, or marketing.

TORI winners and nominees have PROVEN year after year that the single best (and least expensive) thing you can do is to enter the TORIs. More importantly, get in multiple categories to increase your chances!

Look, all we’re talking about is THROWING your effort into being the best resume writer you can be and then THROWING your time at making it happen this year to enter.

There is a lot at stake!

Since so many of us are visual learners, we’ve created an infographic that spells out the cost-benefit analysis of entering:

2021 TORI registration is OPEN FOR JUST 3 MORE DAYS!

You can register for just one category no later than 12 AM Friday, 7/16/2021. (This means, do it before you go to bed on Thursday!)

Once registered, you have until Tuesday, 8/04/2021 to purchase more categories and submit your entries.

Learn more about the TORIs >>