Resume Writers: A Unique Edge ONLY with 2019 TORIs (6 Days Left)

Fish going into a blue market with less competition where winning new business is easier

The TORI resume awards reopen in January 2020.

I was thinking about it, and it dawned on me that 2019 presents a totally unique opportunity for resume writers to pull nominations and wins in the TORI competition.

How so? 

  1. We upped the possible categories for entry from 8 to 10, and no one was expecting it.
  2. So far we no one has entered all categories, which was a common practice with only 8 categories.

This equates to major opportunities to stand out with entries this year.

Here’s the reality:

This won’t happen again; it’s a once-in-a-resume-writer’s-lifetime kind of thing!

If 2x to 3x business growth is what you desire, you can’t miss this.

Registration closes in 6 days. But once you are registered, entries aren’t due until 7/17/19!

Take the time now to check out the TORI registration page, learn about the categories, and get your foot in the door. At only $25-40 per entry (volume discount), the 2019 TORIs are a must-do for any resume writer who wants to get or stay ahead!

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