Resume Writers: All These TORI Winners Can’t Be Wrong (2 Days)

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Resume Writers: The TORI Awards are not a fluke. There is nothing like the TORI Awards for your business growth!

Consider what these former TORI winners have to say:

I won the TORIs and my business literally doubled. – Kimberly Robb Baker, This Little Brand

The TORI was a game-changer for my business. – Amy L. Adler, Five Strengths Career Transition Experts

Winning a TORI award was instrumental in catapulting my business to the next level. – Gayle Howard, Top Margin Career Marketing

More than one third of my prospects have indicated they contacted me after learning of my TORI wins. – Barb Poole, Hire Imaging, LLC

Since winning the TORI for Best Technical Resume, I have had a flood of tech clients wanting their resumes written. – Jennifer Rushton, Keraijen

My $200 investment has already made me tens of thousands of dollars from customers who are already excited and ready to buy my services – no sales pitch needed. – Marie Plett, Aspirations Career Services, Inc.

Since my investment in the low hundreds of dollars, I’ve bought in at least $25K in project fees, directly attributable to the TORIs in the last couple of years. – Tiffany Hardy, Top1Resumes

Winning my first TORI was a watershed event for me. – Pete Lavelle, Rez Builder Resume and Job Service

(There are more from both winners and nominees on the TORI page).

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