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    Resume Pricing, Selling, and What Your Market Will Bear (Core Lesson)

    Part I: Pricing, Selling & What Your Market Will Bear

    The best thing to do while your working your way up in pricing your resume services is to have the (I can’t think of a polite professional word) strength / confidence / caution to the wind attitude and go for the high end of pricing as the perception is always best and you struggle the least. However, I don’t think that while you are building your business up it hurts to be “in line” with the pack for price as long as you distinguish yourself with service, value, etc. For instance, when I was working my way up, I did things others didn’t:

    > 20 laser prints on PM Resource paper > personal interview > key word research on each project (Internet) > resume on CDI with ASCII conversion > flexibility to work with you until you are happy (in reason — you have to set it up right) vs. the attitude of it’s my way or the highway.

    And then, there were the things that seem like common sense: checking my voice mail and answering calls during evenings and weekends (in the start-up years). Not letting calls linger too long without a response; even when I was busy I would call and say, “I wanted to acknowledge your call, let you know I am tied up with clients and make arrangements to call you back later.”

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