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    Steal My Done-for-You Resume Critique and Quote (Core Lesson)

    Steal My Done-for-You Resume Critique and Quote (Core Lesson)

    This core lesson is a gift to you from my private arsenal – the model I followed in my written resume critiques and quotes (that was adapted from my live critique).

    My “live” hybrid (phone/website tour) critique maintained a 94-97% close rate but when I became the resume expert for 54 professional associations, I rapidly realized I wouldn’t have the time to do 50-295 live consults a week. I ended up developing and refining several templates that my subs and admin staff could use after I had looked at the resume and goals, assigned it to a certain type of critique and a price point (I had templates for new grads, career changes, those using CVs, and those with functional formats).

    With the following I maintained a 37-50% close rate.

    While that might sound low, keep in mind that 37% of 50 is 18 projects in a week and it is 109 out of 295. (No, we honestly – thank goodness – never had 109 projects in one week!)

    While I certainly prefer closing 94-97% with the live consults, the following system works great if you have folks you cannot connect with live, are looking for part-time income while you build your second career as a resume writer, or just don’t want to have that ‘sales talk’.

    For the full 94-97% consult process visit Done-For-You Consultation Script & Sales Strategy for Resume Writing & Career Services (Core Lesson).

    So, here we go with a simple model to follow for a free critique and quote. Note: It’s simple, but it IS long copy. It works because it is what you would need to do in a live consult to take the prospect through your process!

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