Recruiting Staff Should Equal – ROI

By Carolyn Broomfield, CARW, CEIC

Employing that first staff member is a turning point for a growing business and continuing to make good decisions about the staff you employ is crucial to the success of your company. As I have discovered, recruiting involves a considerable investment in time, energy and money and these three elements are at risk if you make the wrong decision.

I remember how extremely nerve racking the decision to employ my first staff member was, however my business was growing too big for me and I desperately needed a second pair of hands. It would have been an unwise and stress-inducing decision to try and forgo the need for extra staff.

I have since discovered that having the right employees can be a company’s most valuable asset, although finding the right people can be one of the most challenging tasks for any business. What’s more, without the right approach, retaining the best staff can be just as difficult. While a new employee may need a job, it takes more than just a regular wage to keep them happy, and productive.

Here are some general rules to help you find and keep the right people for your business.

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