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Recruiters on Keyword Sections, Hard Skills & ATS in Resume Writing

Recruiters Speak About Keywords & Skills in Resume WritingWith high volumes of applications, many companies rely on applicant tracking software (ATS) to screen suitable candidates based on keywords―and when reviewed by the human eye, most recruiters spend less than 9 seconds scanning a resume. To ensure job seekers make it over these first hurtles, the CDI Education Committee reached out to a handful of recruiters from different industries to find out about hard skills on the resume by asking:

How important is including a hard skills section on the resume? Is there a preferred or acceptable alternative?

Five recruiters and hiring authorities shared their insight on:

  • Process for developing a comprehensive and accurate keyword list for your resume.
  • How to tweak your keyword list for target positions.
  • What types of content to include in a keyword section.
  • Where to put keywords in your resume.
  • What to leave off of your keywords.
  • Formula for demonstrating use and application of keyword skills.

Special thanks to recruiters:

Ron Beck | Director of Healthcare Leadership & IT Recruitment at Carecor Health Services Ltd.

Claire Petrie | President of Claire Petrie HH & Training

Doug Harrington | Partner & Recruiter at Austin Professional Search

Christian Kaijser | Managing Director at Career Evolutions

Marc Belaiche | President at TorontoJobs.ca

Learn What They Have to Say About Hard Skills on the Resume

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