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    What Recruiters Want Job Seekers to Know About Phone Interviews

    Job Seeker on Telephone InterviewMany job seekers are intimidated and confused by the stages of the hiring process. Ensuring your client has a solid understanding of the entire scope of job search will help them feel prepared and be more confident in their delivery.

    Whether your client has applied to a job or has been scouted by a recruiter, the first step is often a brief screening interview.

    As career professionals, what can we do to equip our clients to make a great first impression and ace their interview? The CDI Education Committee posed that question to a handful of recruiters from various industries to discover the answer to:

    When you hold a phone screening interview with a candidate, what are you looking for?

    We heard from five recruiters and HR professionals with feedback on:

    • Key interpersonal, professional, and cultural components candidates need to demonstrate.
    • Whether salary is a point of discussion.
    • Ways candidates can position themselves for value alignment with the company who the recruiter is screening for.
    • Moving beyond having the skills to do the job to the why, what, and how to match for opportunities.
    • Difference between recruiter phone screen interviews and in-person interviews with hiring managers.
    • How much is enough in the phone interview regarding answers, story, and metrics.
    • Five questions recruiters want to know from candidates to screen them.
    • Candidate question asking in the screening call.

    Special thanks to recruiters:

    Tina Nicolai | Founder and Chief Resume Writer at Resume Writers’ Ink

    Christian Kaijser | Managing Director at Career Evolutions

    Ron Beck | Director of Healthcare Leadership & IT Recruitment at Carecor Health Services Ltd.

    Heather Bellingham | Talent Acquisition Lead at Bonfire

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