Recruiter Insights on Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting (Q&A)

Do you ever wish you had your finger on the pulse of what recruiters think about the work you do as a career writer and the advice you give as a job search coach?

Do you wish you could get the recruiter’s perspective on up-and-coming trends and tools?

CDI has launched a new, Recruiter Q&A series that will give the CDI community insights into the recruiter’s take on topics such as resume formatting and content and the future of recruiting and job search. In each we will showcase the opinions of 4-6 industry recruiters.

These findings are the first in this series, created in an effort to help career writers and coaches look outwardly at how their work is perceived, dispel myths, and highlight what’s new and what’s on its way out as they forge ahead.

Recruiter Q&A Topic: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Recruiting Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fascinating concept involving “deep learning” that allows machines to process information on a sophisticated level. From personal assistants such as Siri to self-driving vehicles, machines are taking on tasks that were formerly believed to require human intelligence.

New tools are emerging that are purportedly disrupting the recruiting space with AI technology. Most claim to reduce labor-intensive initial candidate contact, screening, ranking, and interview scheduling, while others are more ambitious, setting their sights on machine involvement in areas such as interviewing and even onboarding. These tools not only claim to reduce recruiter workload, but they even claim to improve candidate experience through a more engaging recruitment process.

Career professionals need to be attentive to the possible introduction of AI into mainstream use and its implications in job search. With this in mind, CDI has reached out to a handful of recruiters to get their take on the AI trend and how important AI recruiting tools will be in the future.

The Question

The following question was posed to our select recruiters:

Q: It has come to our attention that artificial intelligence systems are being adapted into recruiting technology with some recruiting firms already using tools such as Mya or HireVue. What are your thoughts regarding these AI tools? How important do you think they are going to become in the future?

The Answers

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