President’s Choice Award Winners

CDI’s President selects the individual (or individuals) who will receive this distinguished award, typically on an annual basis. Selection for the award is based on those individuals who have made the most significant contribution to the careers community through their participation and leadership in CDI.


  • 2003: Anne Kramer, Alpha Bits
  • 2004: John Donovan, CRS Resume Service
  • 2005: Freddie Cheek, Cheek & Associates, LLC
  • 2006: Don Skipper, Career Beginnings, Inc.
  • 2007: Barbara Safani, Career Solvers
  • 2008: Susan Guarneri, Assessment Goddess; Camille Roberts, CC Career Service; Nona Pratz, Types Write; Laura Labovich, A & E Consulting, LLC
  • 2009: Laura Drew, Carolina Career Coach; Robin Schlinger, Robin’s Resumes
  • 2010: Susan P. Joyce, Job-Hunt.org; Gayle Howard, Top Margin Career Marketing
  • 2011: Susan P. Joyce, Job-Hunt.org; Pat Schuler, The Gemini Resources Group
  • 2012: Audrey Prenzel, Resume Resources; Amy L. Adler, Five Strengths Career Transition Experts; Robin Schlinger, Robin’s Resumes; Pat Schuler, The Gemini Resources Group
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