2021 CDI President’s Choice Award Recipients

CDI 2021 President's Choice Award to Resume Writers and Career Coaches Making the Biggest Contribution Back to the OrganizationCongratulations to the resume writers and career coaches who are selected to receive the 2020-2021 CDI President’s Choice Award.

I love recognizing our contributors. But it’s also traumatic because to me, anyone who gives back to CDI is worthy! But to give an award out to 25% of our membership would be perceived as a participation trophy.

I say thank you as often as I can and I am so grateful for all the volunteers and members who make CDI what it is!

To me you are ALL winners. But to ensure the award carries value, I’m singling out just the few who have truly gone above and beyond during 2020-2021.

Long overdue! Meet your 2020-2021 President’s Choice Award winners:

Rachel Raymond – RVP Career Services (Education Committee)

Laura Hartnell – Laura Hartnell Career Transition Services (Education Committee/Director of Recruiter’s Voice)

Bridget Batson – Houston Outplacement Resume Writing and Career Counseling (Education Committee & Private Outreach)

Nickquolette Barrett – iRock Development Solutions, LLC dba iRock Résumés (Spearheaded the Eradicate Workplace Bias Program)

Gayle Howard – Top Margin Executive Resumes and Coaching (Director of Resume Certifications and Director of TORI Award Competition)

Marie Plett – Aspirations Career Services, Inc. (Board and Multiple Webinar Contributor)

Tammy Shoup – Breakthrough Resume Writing Service (Private Outreach)

Each of the award recipients will be provided with a logo in recognition of their contribution. They will also be tagged in social media announcements recognizing them for their participation with CDI.

Thanks again to our President’s Choice Award winners. and again, thanks to all who make CDI the amazing organization that it is for career professionals.

Learn more about CDI’s award programs and competitions here

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