Tips for Powerful Resumes for Military Professionals

If you are transitioning from the military, you already know that producing a resume can be an overwhelming task. To keep this task from becoming too daunting, here is a list of documents you can gather to write the most powerful resume.

  • Evaluations: Depending on your branch of service, evaluations can be known by different names. As you review these documents, you will notice that they outline and quantify your accomplishments. These numbers can be used throughout your resume as they help an employer identify the scope of what you did. But, be careful: while evaluations are helpful, you must remember to pick, choose, and use only the accomplishments related to what you are applying for. They will also need to be rewritten accordingly for the best use within your resume.
  • VMET Transcript: The Verification of Military and Education and Training (VMET) transcript, also known as the DD2586, can be downloaded electronically. This support document outlines specific education and training requirements that you have met throughout your military service in addition to when you completed them. It will also indicate possible education credits which may be applied to a university as a degree-seeking student. In this case, remember that not all colleges/universities have to accept this credit and it is up to the school for the final decision.
  • Official School Transcripts: If you have attended any colleges/universities, it is also helpful to have these transcripts handy when writing your resume. In some cases, you can list relevant courses that are related to the position for which you are applying. When writing a federal resume, you may need to show specific courses in order to qualify for certain jobs. This is one place where your transcripts will come in handy.
  • Job Target: For many leaving military service, it is understandable that you may not have identified what you want to do next. But, at least narrowing a career field can go a long way! Visit job search websites such as indeed.com and others. This will help you to identify not only the requirements of a position, but also understand the keywords and transferable skills necessary to tailor your resume.

The first step in producing a powerful resume for military professionals is in gathering the necessary documents. With these documents on hand, you can begin the process.

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