3 Major Pitfalls of Assumptions in the Job Seeker

By Aricia LaFrance, MSE, CCC, CPRC

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As career professionals, one of the most insidious problems we face is the assumptions made by our clients. Not only can they lead seekers down the wrong path, they can make clients miserable in their new jobs. Like dragging around a bad case of the flu from one job to another, clients find that they just can’t shake this “thing” that’s making them miserable. When I coach clients through their assumptions and we move beyond, what they find is that they may actually be happy in their current position. Or perhaps they love their work but dislike the people they work with. Maybe it’s not their job at all, but the location or industry. If it is their job, once we deal with the assumptions, they often find that their “presenting problem” is actually not the problem at all. It’s something entirely different.

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