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2022 Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award Nomination for Career Pros is Now Open

CDI's Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award Nominations are Now OpenCDI is excited to announce that we are now accepting nominations and self-nominations for our 5th annual Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award. This award recognizes career industry professionals, such as resume writers and career coaches, who have been kicking butt at what they do.

Pat left us far too soon but we celebrate her legacy with this annual award!

When you think of her, you will always think of kicking butt.

It may have been the name of two of her programs – Kick Butt Sales and Kick Butt Women – but Pat was the epitome of the Kick Butt spirit as an entrepreneur, friend, and leader. She has led many career industry professionals she coached to walk her path and evoke her beautiful, powerful, and successful spirit.

Past winners include:

Sharon Williams, JobRockit – tie for 2021

Tiffany Cruz, Power Writers USA – tie for 2021

Nickquolette Barrett, iRock Résumés – 2020

Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru® – 2019

Camille Roberts, CC Career Services – 2018

Kick Butt Award Nominations are Now Open for 2022!

Are you a career professional who kicks butt? Or do you know one who does?

Review the process and nominate someone, or self-nominate yourself, for the Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award today!

Nomination is very easy and simply requires you to describe in writing how the nominee has successfully met and maintained the five criteria CDI has set down for being kick butt.

We are accepting nominations until Wed, October 19, 2022.

Are You Ready to Show the World That You Kick Butt?

Then take a moment to learn more about the Pat Schuler Kick Butt award here.


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