Job Search / Employment Tools and Resources (Websites)

Below you will find websites on virtually everything job search for assisting your clients in finding their next jobs. Note that most resources are free but some have a small fee. The following list has been provided by CDI members and does not constitute an endorsement by CDI. Use at your own risk. Report broken links to info@nullcareerdirectors.com.

Categories include:

  • Trends, Stats & Layoff Reports
  • Newsletters, Blogs & Articles
  • Tools for Researching Companies
  • Tools for Identifying Job & Skill Matches
  • Niche Employment Resources (Diversity, Disability, Mature Worker, New Grad, Executive, Military Transition, Federal)
  • Job Boards (Aggregate, Niche / By Industry)
  • Social Networks
  • Recruiter Databases
  • Background & Reference Checking Resources
  • Miscellaneous Tools (Salary, Flex Time Resources, Job Radio)
  • Social Search Tools
  • Company / Employer Review Sites

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