Getting Out of Overwhelm (Video)

Many entrepreneurs feel like they’re going at full speed and getting nowhere fast. Others are so overwhelmed by their Too Much To Do list that they become paralyzed. What do both groups have in common? Frustration, disappointment, and a yearning for the results that have so far eluded them.

Successful entrepreneurs are able to identify and commit to doing the right things the right way at the right time. In this pedal-to-the-metal session, you’ll begin working through five steps that enable you to join those successful entrepreneurs.

Whether you need to slow down so you can get off that busy-but-not-productive hamster wheel, or you need to break out of inaction and start moving forward, this session will propel you into the fast lane of exciting results.

Join Kathleen Watson of Stepping Into Big, LLC to learn and immediately be able to apply strategies that enable you to gain and maintain traction through:

  • Avoiding overwhelm;
  • Making confident decisions about ways to build your business;
  • Focusing on success.

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About Kathleen: 

Kathleen Watson, founder of Stepping Into Big LLC, was struck by a blinding flash of the obvious several years ago: Ideas without right action are useless.

She saw many entrepreneurs so desperate for results that they paralyzed themselves with indecision and overwhelm. She eventually concluded that these would-be successes were shooting themselves in the foot because they didn’t know how to choose the right results-producing tasks, or they were unwilling to do important-but-uncomfortable work, or they fell prey to “when I get around to it” thinking. (The really efficient ones combined all three.)

Having some unfortunate personal experience with these crazy-making behaviors, Kathleen broke free of her own deer-in-the-headlights self-sabotage by developing and applying the five-step Take Action Now System™ . She now partners with clients as they use the System to shed the weight and stress of a Too Much To Do List. She’ll stand beside them to provide support or behind them to provide a kick in the pants, depending on what the client needs most.

Kathleen’s specialty is combining action and accountability so her clients bask in the rewards of achievement.

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