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Member Orientation: Your 90 Day Plan – Learn On Demand

CDI member orientation - your 90 day planThe excitement was pumping when we unveiled the beta launch of our new CDI member orientation – build your 90 day plan session.

In just 75 minutes we celebrated wins, set 30 day goals, created a 90-day action plan for using CDI in your business, toured website benefits, connected deeply, and watched me have fun being my quirky self.

If you want to check the boxes of:

  1. Getting the most out of your CDI membership
  2. Building relationships with colleagues
  3. Setting goals with accountability
  4. Having fun while working

Then you need to sign up for our next Orientation (or other live event) coming in December and January!

These events are included in your annual or monthly CDI membership!

For now you can get a jumpstart by:

  1. Following along with the video.
  2. Downloading the 90-day interactive checklist and goal forms.
  3. Signing up for live events in December and January.

What We Did

  1. Connected with our recent wins, created a vision for where we wanted to be in a year, and established momentum to follow through with CDI supporting resources.
  2. Introduced a new interactive 30-, 60-, 90- day membership planning tool that lets you plan and immediately access the tool, opportunity, or training.
  3. Toured CDI resources and learned tips to get the most ROI out of CDI membership. 
  4. Utilized provided goal sheets to commit and create action steps for goals in the next 30 days.
  5. Explored three powerful coaching questions and one activity to use with clients when setting goals and accountability.
  6. Networked deeply in pairs, trios, and as a group to celebrate, share, and embrace goal setting.
  7. Identified a powerful physical trigger to stay accountable to goals set. 
  8. Jammed to some fun and empowering music.

Attendees rated the event:

  • Attendees gave the event a 10/10 overall rating in the survey.
  • Survey respondents agreed that they would 100% recommend the event to members. 
  • Survey respondents agreed that they 100% learned new ways to utilize my CDI membership.
  • 75% strongly agreed and 25% agreed in the survey that they felt more connected to our member community than before the event.

Attendees described the event as:

CDI member orientation word cloud

Attendees liked most about the event:

  • The walkthrough of all the resources on the CDI website.
  • The website tour.
  • Saw where all the great stuff that I can use is.
  • The interaction.

Attendees provided additional feedback on the event:

  • Great resource for a crash course to the website.
  • Thank you for having recorded this. I will definitely watch this again.
  • I got lots of ideas on how to get more visibility and credibility for my fledgling coaching business. Thank you!
  • It was too short, but it was good to share journeys with other people. This entrepreneurial journey can be a little lonely and insular.
  • Great session, thank you kindly.

Experience Member Orientation & 90 Day Planning On Demand + Get Handouts

The Member Orientation – Your 90 Day Plan is going to be a regular offering within CDI.

But if you want to get started now, you can watch the video and download the 90-day checklist and goal sheets now. You won’t get the networking and connecting pieces, but the tour and plan is there.

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