Grow Your Business by Optimizing Your CDI Profile

Profile_networksCDI offers members three ways to stand out to job seekers, and chances are you aren’t yet taking advantage of them:

  1. Customizing your Member Profile
  2. Becoming a CDI Expert Guest Blogger
  3. Promoting your book to job seekers.

The links to blogging and listing your book are above, and easy to follow. So my focus is on your member profile. 

WAIT! Even if you have set up your profile before, please take a few moments to read this because there is probably much more you can do to stand out.

First off, here’s what I/we (CDI staff) see when job seekers contact us for referrals and we go to the Find a Career Pro search to help direct them: 

75% of members have never even set up their profile and are completely missing client opportunities!

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