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    Do You Know Your Numbers? Hint: This Could Make or Break You! (Core Lesson)

    Business Up to Speed - Speedometer Measures GrowthWhen I work one-on-one with my business consulting clients one of the first exercises we do is to go over their numbers:

    1. How many prospects do you speak to each week?
    2. How many prospects do you close?
    3. What is the breakdown of types of clients who purchase (exec, new grad, blue collar)?
    4. What is the average sale in dollars you close per client or type of client?
    5. What are the items typically purchased in your average sale?
    6. What is your business overhead (expenses) each month?
    7. What additional personal expenses do you need cover?
    8. How is your time being allocated? For example, how many hours a day/week are you spending in email, marketing, admin, client work, and etc.

    But here’s the surprise! More often than not most business owners have little to know idea how their cash coming in relates to their cash going out, what their close rate is, or how they are ending up with no time left for big projects, opportunities, or just having a life.

    If You Don’t Know, You Can’t Grow!

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