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New Member Benefit: Be a Featured Career Professional and Thought Leader

New CDI Member Benefit: Featured Career Professional & Thought LeaderCDI member resume writers, career coaches, and other career practitioners now have a new opportunity to become a featured career professional and thought leader. This new opportunity lets you get spotlighted, gain publicity, contribute to the industry, and gain brand recognition.

We’re reverse engineering our Best Practice Tip Sheets to give you a more exclusive opportunity to stand out and be compelling to job seekers and in your thought leadership.

The opportunity to be featured or recognized is simple!

All you have to do is:

  1. Watch for email notification of new questions.
  2. Answer whichever questions you feel you can offer expert advice on.
  3. Gain visibility, publicity, and thought leadership.

While we can’t feature every tip that is given for every question, every member contributor who clearly provided thoughtful answers (sorry, no three word or yes/no answers to say you did it) will always be named as described below.

Every contributor gets some level of publicity and thought leadership!

We want this to benefit everyone so:

  1. We will select some tips to showcase in a post (one post per question), which will include each contributor’s headshot, name, company name, and a link to their website or LinkedIn profile. This post may be public or it may be member’s only, depending on the topic. (In most cases it will be public so everyone can see it).
  2. Those who are showcased in a post will also be tagged in social media posts about this resource, whether it’s public or private.
  3. For those contributors whose tips are not used, we will still include your name and company name at the bottom of the post unless you ask to be anonymous.
  4. Should we create one of our best practice tip sheets from the data, which is the goal, every contributor will be recognized at the bottom of the tip sheet for their contribution.
  5. Tip sheet promotions on social media always tag all contributors.

Topics will vary from request to request – Questions are live now.

This first group of ten questions are all around lessons learned during the pandemic for career practitioners and your job-seeking clients. You’ll find questions on job interviewing, career coaching, career management, and resume writing.

Our goal is to launch new topics every quarter.

There’s always a deadline so get started now!

We will likely pick our first topic to showcase very soon, so answer as soon as you can. The ultimate deadline for this first series of questions is Thursday, 10/14/2021.

Don’t wait — take steps to be a featured career professional and thought leader today!

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