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    Got 5 mins? Become a Featured Resume Writer or Career Coach to Job Seekers

    CDI Get Featured to Job Seekers Benefit RT

    Got five minutes and want to get featured as a resume writer, career coach or other career pro to job seekers?

    It’s time again to get published and be a recognized industry thought leader.

    This opportunity lets you get spotlighted, gain publicity, contribute to the industry, and establish brand recognition.

    The opportunity to be featured or recognized is simple!

    All you have to do is:

    1. Watch for email notification of new questions. Our goal is to open a few questions each month to provide more member opportunities to be spotlighted.
    2. Answer the questions you feel you can offer expert advice on with thoughtful, specific answers. (Please no ‘buy my stuff’ answers). Think inspiring, relevant, informative and/or educational.
    3. Get featured in our public job seeker blog and social media posts.

    What not to do:

    1. Don’t write a one-liner and/or generic tip. If you want to be featured, you’ve got to do the work. Imagine you’ve got approximately 400 characters to fill and you want to do so with SPECIFIC, value-added content. Think of that unique hook because we can’t publish multiple tips that all say variations on the same theme.
    2. Don’t mention or refer to your product, program, service or business. If a job seeker likes what they have read, they’ll seek you out.
    3. Don’t submit without proofreading, editing and hitting submit only once. Please do not come back and resubmit a second time when you have more time. Instead do it write the first time as we can only recognize your first submission.
    4. Don’t let your membership lapse due to expired credit card. If your account is past due your membership is considered inactive and your tip will not be included.

    Selected contributors gain publicity!

    We’d love to include all tips but often times there is repetition, so:

    1. We will select tips to showcase in a public post (one post per question), which will include each selected contributor’s headshot, name, company name, and a link to their website or LinkedIn profile.
    2. Those who are showcased in a post will also be tagged in social media posts about this resource.
    3. Should we create one of our best practice tip sheets from the data, every selected contributor will be recognized at the bottom of the tip sheet for their contribution.
    4. Tip sheet promotions on social media always tag all contributors.

    Topics will vary from request to request.

    We’re working hard to create a variety of questions that fit the various qualifications of our diverse, global membership. Watch for monthly questions to have the greatest opportunity to share expertise on your topics.

    Ready to become a Featured Career Pro? New questions coming soon.

    Again, our ‘new’ goal is to launch a few new questions every month.

    There’s always a deadline so watch your inbox!

    Take steps to be a featured career professional and thought leader today!

    This opportunity is open to CDI member resume writers, career coaches and other career pros in good standing only. It is fully at CDI’s discretion to select which tips to feature in each post.

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