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Easy Steps to More Clients, Website Fixes, Better Resumes

This is unlike any lesson I’ve ever written in that I am combining some rather diverse subjects. But they all have in common the impact they can have on your business success!

You see, when I was updating Resumes for Dummies for the 8th edition to be released in early 2019, I sourced resumes from members to be included. Through this process I was:

  • Reading resumes and picking them apart.
  • Viewing business website URLs of contributors.
  • Pulling up profiles of contributors.

I saw some glaring errors in all three of these areas that I wanted to address right away.

It’s frequently little things that have a BIG impact on your business.

In this case, every one of the issues I am going to detail here can be remedied in seconds, whether it be a website tweak, resume writing technique, or update to your CDI member profile!

Let’s get started.

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