Peter Lavelle

Rez Builder Resume and Job Service LLC
Hugo, Minnesota 55038
United States
Phone: 6517694246

Industry Awards: Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Award
Profession/Specialty: Any
Employment Level: Any

I tend to succeed abundantly when faced with a worthy challenge. From Mogadishu, Somalia to Hugo, MN, from marketing management to accomplishing the impossible, I am a tested professional with a unique, character-shaping range of experiences that relate to leadership in fields of management, technology, health care, career transition, and more.

As a resume writer, I’ve helped people discover the best in themselves. As a former marketing manager and a military veteran, my working experiences are rich and varied. I’ve done a lot in my life and touched a lot of career fields, and that helps me relate to a wide range of clients like no other.

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