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    Peter Hill

    Peter Hill International
    2101 Nuuanu Avenue #I/1304
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
    United States
    Phone: +1 808-384-9461

    Resume Writing & Document Development Certifications:
    Certified Resume Analyst
    Industry Awards: Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Award
    Services/Products: Career Coach, International Markets, Leadership Coach
    Profession/Specialty: Any
    Employment Level: Career Change, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, International, Management, Executive, Professional

    Hi there, I'm Peter. I’m a trusted counsel, career guide, and mindset strategist supporting expat executives and global business leaders, working 1-1 to help them gain massive levels of clarity and confidence on their professional trajectory—all within a strictly confidential experience.

    For more than 25 years I’ve been trusted by 20,000+ high-performing business executives—across 120+ countries and six continents. I help them get unstuck from what's keeping them from realizing their full potential so they can experience a deeply authentic, expansive career and life.

    As an expat myself for 17 years in Asia and Europe, my work leverages experienced insights and simple, yet powerful methodologies that deliver transformational results. My clients operate more fearlessly and THEY STOP SAYING NO TO THEIR HIGHEST AMBITIONS.

    Now more than ever, our stories matter. Your story matters. Taking ownership of your personal narrative is the genesis of making the impact you were put on this planet to make and leading you to unimaginable levels of professional happiness... and by extension contentment in life.

    Get Into Flow, Own Your Story, Expand Your Impact.

    Feel free to reach out via email (peter@nullnullflowwithpeter.com) or Whatsapp (+1 808.384.9461).

    Supporting Your Success,

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