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    Brian Brandt

    Cambridge 02140
    United States

    Services/Products: Career Coach, Career Counselor, Career Management, Curriculum Vita (CV) Writer, Essay Writing & Editing, Federal Resume Writer, International Markets, Interview & Salary Negotiations Coach, Job Search Coach, LinkedIn Profile Writer, Military Resume Writer, Organizational Development, Outplacement Professional, Professional / Technical Writer, Recruiter or Search Firm, Resume & Cover Letter Writer, Virtual Assistant
    Profession/Specialty: Any
    Employment Level: Any

    Brian Brandt, CPRW, is a certified résumé writer, published author, and ghost writer. He writes résumés, executive bios, cover letters, and online profile content for the clients he meets through CDI.  In addition to serving clients directly, he enjoys subcontracting to larger career services and coaching firms. Brian can help with rushes, complex cases, and building business.  His clients truly enjoy working with a writer who understands what they say, based on his own prior career in the major sectors. Whether they are growing global revenue or focused on revenue operations, Brian understands those differences. A product manager who optimizes a SaaS product is very different from one who optimizes a SaaS product platform. Understanding how technology, data science, and marketing serve the product management and sales management silo is key when dealing with technology leaders. This is just one example of many. Business development executives enjoy Brian's understanding of their partnerships, field alliances, and channels. They also enjoy his understanding of technology ecosystems. This is true within the pharma and biotech communities, and it helps that Brian has direct work experience in science and research. His résumés drive conversations into third-interview territory. This takes a lot of pain out of the screening round. This may be the greatest benefit of all. In addition to having worked in the Most Innovative Square Mile on Earth and the Mutual Fund Capital of the World, Brian produces a lot of work in the creative space, which is a reflection of his early career in Providence and New York. If you are an artist, jewelry designer, or architect, he can help. He is equally well-known for his skilled trades résumés, and he works well with clients from non-corporate entities, not-for-profits, and purposed institutions. This is based on his understanding of how such organizations are woven into the fabric of diversified economies, and how they can build more partnerships or be more impactful. Some additional highlights: -Bachelor of Psychology from Boston University (summa cum laude). -Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), Manuscript Editor, and Technical Writer. -Undergrad Lecturer, Personality Inventory Design (statistics and methodology). -Member, Career Directors International (CDI). -Member, Professional Association of Résumé Writers (PARW/CC). -Previous career in sales, technology, and operations across M&As, PE/VC, and staffing. -Former Corporate Banker and Credit Analyst. -Former hiring manager. -Former recruiter (agency, contract, headhunter, executive search, and VOP). -Global CV specialist. -Mobility, expats, and outplacement consultant. -Transitions US Army Logistics and US Army Information Systems clients. -Endorsed by the top credentialed SCMPs. -Engaged by leading leading PE firms. -Early career in telesales, showroom sales, and luxury sales. -Experience in production and jobbing since childhood within textiles, textbooks, and costume jewelry manufacturing. -Extremely knowledgeable on commerce, global trade, apparel and goods, and import or exportation.   Brian has received acknowledgements in two books: Self-organization in neural networks as model for the development of motor control. Jacob Johannes van Heijst. This book, based on its cover, is a featured design item at the Rijk Museum in Amsterdam. EQ Applied. Justin Bariso.   Endorsements: Endorsed by Jeff Haden of Inc. Magazine and the author of The Motivation Myth.   Appearances: -Inc. Magazine -Epic CV   Honorariums: -Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences   ____________________________________________________________  

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