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    Enz Career Counseling
    GARDEN GROVE, California 92845
    United States
    Phone: 8663697737

    Services/Products: Career Assessment & Testing, Career Coach, Career Counselor, Career Management, Job Developer, Job Search Coach
    Profession/Specialty: Association / Non-Profit, Education, Training, Management, Entry-Level
    Employment Level: Career Change, New Graduate / Entry-Level, Return to Work

    Welcome to Enz Career Counseling. My name is Erika Enz and one of the most profound things I have learned about myself over the course of my own personal career is that my 'happy place' is helping others discover their strengths. Let's face it, picking and pursuing a career can be a daunting task. But, through meaningful conversation and humor, it can be a lot of fun and definitely rewarding!

    ​As a credentialed CTE Teacher with a Bachelor's degree in Career and Technical Studies, I am well versed in the vast array of jobs out there and energized by the possibility of helping you set your career goals. Even though I have over 20 years of experience behind me, I still feel like every individual I help takes me on a new journey.

    Discover your unique strengths and learn how to leverage them to find a job that you will LOVE going to! College students, recent graduates, early-career, or career transition individuals are my specialty.

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