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    Athena Ali

    The Get Noticed Coach - Australia
    PO Box 71
    VERMONT, Victoria 3133

    Industry Awards: Career Innovator Award
    Services/Products: Career Assessment & Testing, Career Coach, Career Management, Curriculum Vita (CV) Writer, Federal Career Coach, Federal Resume Writer, Human Resources, Interview & Salary Negotiations Coach, Job Developer, Job Search Coach, Job Search Firm, Leadership Coach, LinkedIn Profile Writer, Organizational Development, Outplacement Professional, Personal Brand Strategist, Professional / Technical Writer, Recruiter or Search Firm, Resume & Cover Letter Writer, Social Media (Online ID) Strategist
    Profession/Specialty: Accounting, Administration & Clerical, Association / Non-Profit, Banking, Biotechnology, Construction, Consulting / Business Services, Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, Dental, Education, Administration, Education, Instruction/Teaching, Education, Training, Emergency Services, Employment / Staffing, Engineering / Technical, Finance & Financial Services, Forestry, Government, Healthcare, Administration, Healthcare, Sales, Human Resources, Law Enforcement & Security, Legal Services, Management, Entry-Level, Management, Mid-Level, Public Health / Human Services, Regulatory Affairs, Transportation & Delivery
    Employment Level: Career Change, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Management, Entry-Level, Management, Executive, Management, Mid-Level, Professional, Trade

    Is this you? - Applying for government or not-for-profit roles and hearing crickets? - You want to transition from private to the public sector and you don't know how to transfer your skills over? - You have a hard time addressing key selection criteria because you don't know what they mean, don't know what they're asking, and don't know what they want to hear? - You've tried to get a promotion but always get passed over? - You've gotten to the interview stage, but you can't convert? You just don't know what they want to hear so that you can get over the line? You're not alone! The struggle is real for many. But here's the good news. You can learn to master this and I can show you how. As one of my 1:1 coaching clients or a student in my signature program "The Ultimate Government Career Accelerator" you'll know exactly: - how to write a resume that demonstrates your point of difference so that you get noticed - how to use your key selection criteria to articulate your expertise, your worth and the outcomes you can provide to your next employer - network like a pro on LinkedIn and in-person - what government career you actually want and identify what you are passionate about - how to alleviate your fears and use your newfound confidence to your advantage in an interview - how to negotiate a “yes” to your salary and/or flexible work arrangements - how to set and smash your career goals - how to work with and impress recruiters You'll go from: * being frustrated, confused, stressed * feeling lousy and insecure in your career * wondering why everyone else can do it and you can't To: * being super confident * waking up on Monday mornings happy * work won't feel like work * secure in a stable job that provides flexibility, promotions, and professional development You can also opt for a done-for-you service including the creation of your branded resume, key selection criteria, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile too. All crafted by me personally and never outsourced. If you're ready to break into, or uplevel your government career in the next 60 days, then send me a connection request I'd love to chat with you! Cheers, Athena athena@nullthegetnoticedcoach.com

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