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    Sharon Williams

    501 Gablewood Circle
    Louisville, Kentucky 40245
    United States
    Phone: (419) 348-2627

    Resume Writing & Document Development Certifications:
    Certified Master Resume Writer
    Industry Awards: Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Award, World's Best Resume Writer Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award
    CDI Position: Judge - TORI Resume Writing Awards
    Services/Products: LinkedIn Profile Writer, Resume & Cover Letter Writer, Trainer/Instructor
    Profession/Specialty: Accounting, Law Enforcement & Security, Marketing, Pharmaceutical, Sales / Business Development
    Employment Level: Career Change, New Graduate / Entry-Level, Professional

    Sharon is an award-winning résumé expert, career consultant, college instructor, and entrepreneur living in Louisville, KY. The owner of JobRockit, Sharon is a Certified Master Résumé Writer (MRW), and a member of Career Directors International (CDI) and Career Thought Leaders (CTL) Sharon holds BSBA and M.Ed. degrees from Bowling Green State University and, for 18 years, served as a college instructor in Northwest Ohio. She is a 29-time Global Winner and Nominee of *Best Résumé/Cover Letter Honors* including Best Executive Résumé, Best New Graduate Résumé and Cover Letter, Best Law Enforcement/Security, Best Sales & Marketing, Best Healthcare/Medical, and Most Creative ... awarded by CDI and the Professional Association of Resume Writers/Career Coaches (PARW/CC). Sharon recently earned the prestigious Master Resume Writer credential. In 2008, she was awarded the “World’s Best Résumé Writer”designation for the first-ever,worldwide résumé-writing contest sponsored by CDI after a Professional Vote (HR specialists, organizational development consultants, senior recruiters, career association directors, job board founders, and senior résumé writers). The contest was open to 14 countries, but the majority of entrants came from the US as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland.  

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