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    Camille Carboneau Roberts

    CC Career Solutions, LLC
    P.O. Box 50655
    Idaho Falls, Idaho 83405
    United States
    Phone: (208) 557-1562

    Career Services/Coaching Certifications:
    Certified Internet Job Search Expert
    Industry Awards: Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Award, Career Innovator Award, CDI President's Award, Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award
    Services/Products: Business Plan Writer, Career Assessment & Testing, Career Coach, Career Management, Curriculum Vita (CV) Writer, Essay Writing & Editing, Federal Career Coach, Federal Resume Writer, Human Resources, Image Consultant, Interview & Salary Negotiations Coach, Job Developer, Job Search Coach, Job Search Firm, Leadership Coach, LinkedIn Profile Writer, Military Resume Writer, Outplacement Professional, Personal Brand Strategist, Placement Specialist, Professional / Technical Writer, Resume & Cover Letter Writer, Social Media (Online ID) Strategist, Trainer/Instructor, Web Portfolio Developer
    Profession/Specialty: Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace / Aircraft, Agriculture, Banking, Biotechnology, Broadcasting, Brokerage / Investing, Chemical, Communications, Computers, Hardware or Software, Construction, Consulting / Business Services, Consumer Products, Culinary Arts / Hospitality, Customer Service & Call Centers, Defense, Dental, Education, Administration, Education, Instruction/Teaching, Education, Training, Electronics, Emergency Services, Employment / Staffing, Energy, Engineering / Technical, Finance & Financial Services, Forestry, Government, Healthcare, Administration, Healthcare, Provider, Healthcare, Sales, Human Resources, Information Technology, Insurance, International (Global) Business, Law Enforcement & Security, Legal Services, Logistics, Management, Executive, Management, Mid-Level, Manufacturing & Production, Marketing, Military Transition, Mining, Operations, Pharmaceutical, Politics & Legislation, Public Affairs, Public Health / Human Services, Public Relations, Publishing, All, Purchasing & Procurement, Real Estate, Regulatory Affairs, Sales / Business Development, Sciences, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation & Delivery, Utility, Veterinarian Medicine, Writing, Technical, Journalism
    Employment Level: Career Change, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Management, Entry-Level, Management, Executive, Management, Mid-Level, Military to Civilian Transition, New Graduate / Entry-Level, Professional, Return to Work, Trade

    I help clients GET HIRED and PROMOTED...making more money, better benefits, and perks so much easier and...FASTER!

    With 25+ years of experience leading clients across the finish line writing, coaching, and strategizing, you can count on my expertise to help you. You might call it people marketing. Some people call it branding. I eat it, breathe it, and sleep it.

    My passion is to help you land your DREAM job... or your next job that leads to your dream job! 

    Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your family doing what you love, rather than countless hours perusing job announcements and sifting through rejection emails?

    You know you were qualified, but you didn’t land the interview. You landed the interview but didn’t land the job. Or, ideally, you are trying to avoid both of these scenarios. I can shave months and years off your job search.

    One of my clients valued her new resume at $432K because that's the amount of money she could have been making if she was working in the federal job she was targeting for 3 years!

    I'm proud to say my clients are the leaders and "glue" that keep our nation safe and operational. I've also helped many people start successful businesses.

    What is your challenge? Are you a senior manager or executive ready to get hired or promoted in Federal Government? Is your résumé and LinkedIn profile conveying your Unique Branded Value?

    Are you "speaking" to all Six Audiences™/gatekeepers to land your 6- or 7-figure dream job?

    Are you landing interviews that will lead to LUCRATIVE job offers? If you aren’t landing interviews, how can you land the job? STRATEGIC résumés that tell your story land interviews. Strategic interviews land lucrative job offers!

    You can count on my expertise, commitment to excellence, and multi-disciplined background in business as a Federal Career Consultant, USAJOBS Strategist, LinkedIn Expert, technical writer/editor, and a resource to produce amazing results for YOU...like my thousands of clients who work in more than 400+ agencies. Ditch the CCAR or STAR methods!

    Achieve PROFITABLE RESULTS with The Get HIRED System™ and our STCARI Method™ for your story, resume, LinkedIn, and narratives-ECQs, KSAs, TQs, MTQs--as well as the interview!

    Let's get your ducks in a row and make sure they are YOUR ducks so you can land a lucrative job offer!

    People have asked me for decades if they can pick my brain about how to get hired in Federal government...faster.

    Well, I've picked it for you and have packaged it into a successful, comprehensive online course.

    Register for it here:
    Federal Resume Webinar - CC Career Solutions: Get Hired Faster

    You can also request a complimentary career strategy call here:

    “Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.” Warren Buffet Abundant

    Opportunities await you when we work together!

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