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    Chet Hovatter

    Charlotte, North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 704-249-5425

    Career Services/Coaching Certifications:
    Certified Employment Interview Consultant
    Services/Products: Interview & Salary Negotiations Coach, Trainer/Instructor
    Profession/Specialty: Any
    Employment Level: Career Change, International, Military to Civilian Transition, New Graduate / Entry-Level, Professional, Return to Work, Trade

    Interviewing sucks.

    It doesn’t have to.

    I’m Chet Hovatter, loud guitar lover and meditation hound, and I founded ProPaths to help people turn interviewing for a job from a dreaded and uncomfortable experience into an empowering tool to achieve career goals.

    Over the last couple of decades I’ve worked a variety of jobs in fields that include: fast food, military service, healthcare, customer service, owning my own business and more. I have experienced every type of interview you can imagine in my efforts to find the right job for me and I have learned a lot about both sides of the interview equation along the way.

    With ProPaths, I have taken my decades of experience in the work field, combined it with my creative nature, ability to turn a phrase and desire to help others to create a service that truly makes a difference in peoples lives.

    Let’s get together and talk about how we can get you to where you want to be. I look forward to the opportunity.

    May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe.

    May you be peaceful and at ease.


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