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    Member Orientation: Your 90 Day Plan – Learn On Demand + New Dashboard Tour

    CDI member orientation - your 90-day plan and new dashboard tour - now available on demand

    Last November when we created the 90-day member plan with quick-start guide and member orientation we could have never forecasted that six months later we’d be launching:

    • All-new even more user-friendly Member Dashboard experience.
    • Opportunities to earn experience points with a gamified launch course.
    • New member opportunities such as the Subcontracting & Referral Directory.
    • Even more to come!

    We’ve got 2023 mapped out for all kinds of great and groovy new ways to learn and get ROI from your CDI membership!

    Even if you missed the live roll-out you can still take advantage of it on-demand with the 90-minute video tour at the bottom. There are jump links to take you directly to topics of interest!

    Your New Member Experience

    Pretty much everything has changed, moved or been improved. Because of this we encourage you to make time for the on-demand deep dive below or the mini tour above. Below you’ll find a list of what to expect.

    screenshot of the Dashboard
    • When you are logged in to the website as a member, you will no longer see a long list of option links. “Go the Member Dashboard” takes you to your one-stop for all CDI resources, account and profile management.
    • Dashboard still defaults to the What’s New tab so you can make sure you’re aware of upcoming events and newest member lessons and tools.
    • Getting Started tab now provides you with a choose your own adventure of (1) downloading the 1-page quick start guide, (2) going through the guided course / selecting topics you want to learn about and/or (3) signing up for a live orientation. (If you click on mark complete on each lesson you will earn an experience point. More on those later).
    • New Member Community tab now introduces you to the Facebook Group, now 200+ strong, which replaces the Forum that we’ve retired. You’ll find ways to hack your group bio, suggestions for introducing yourself and more.
    • New Subcontracting and Referrals tab takes you to a new page where you can view posted opportunities and submit yourself. This replaces the subcontracting forum. Soon we will have email subscriptions so that you can be notified.
    • New Guest Blogging tab let’s you learn about this great visibility opportunity or manage your blog posts in one easy-to-find spot.
    • New My Purchases tab replaces My Courses and includes all your membership, course, certification, consulting and award purchases.
    • New My Bookmarks tab just pulls this great tool to the forefront instead of having to dig for it in My CDI, which is now gone.
    • My Account tab lets you change credit cards, download receipts, edit your profile, change your address and more.
    • New Experience Points tab lets you see at a glance how many points you’ve racked up in the 90-day course. This is a taste of what is to come as we introduce different kinds of points and turn many of the stand-alone lessons into member courses with gamification features.
    • Member Resources page is now more robust in that we’ve tried to make it a one-stop place for you to avoid having to click around. You’ll now find Edit Profile, Member Badge, 90-Day Getting Started Plan, and various Member Directories all here.
    • New Jump Links added to 60-minute+ videos that are created from here going forward. (See jump links in video below).

    Watch the Video Below for the New Dashboard Tour and 90-Day Orientation

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