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    Athena Ali

    The Get Noticed Coach – Australia
    Victoria, Australia

    ★ Industry Awards: Career Innovator Award
    Services/Products: Career Assessment & Testing, Career Coach, Career Management, Curriculum Vita (CV) Writer, Federal Career Coach, Federal Resume Writer, Human Resources, Interview & Salary Negotiations Coach, Job Developer, Job Search Coach, Job Search Firm, Leadership Coach, LinkedIn Profile Writer, Organizational Development, Outplacement Professional, Personal Brand Strategist, Professional / Technical Writer, Recruiter or Search Firm, Resume & Cover Letter Writer, Social Media (Online ID) Strategist
    Profession/Specialty: Accounting, Administration & Clerical, Association / Non-Profit, Banking, Biotechnology, Construction, Consulting / Business Services, Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, Dental, Education, Administration, Education, Instruction/Teaching, Education, Training, Emergency Services, Employment / Staffing, Engineering / Technical, Finance & Financial Services, Forestry, Government, Healthcare, Administration, Healthcare, Sales, Human Resources, Law Enforcement & Security, Legal Services, Management, Entry-Level, Management, Mid-Level, Public Health / Human Services, Regulatory Affairs, Transportation & Delivery
    Employment Level: Career Change, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Management, Entry-Level, Management, Executive, Management, Mid-Level, Professional, Trade
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