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    Maximizing Media for Update Your Resume Month

    By Susan Geary – 1st Rate Resumes

    June is a perfect month to start preparing for our big event, International Update your Resume Month! Media publicity increases your credibility and attracts a higher caliber client over traditional advertising. I’m still getting calls from around the country after being featured in a newspaper column last November. Amazingly, people tend to clip advice columns out and save them for future use.

    Sweeps just ended for the television stations and now they are more relaxed and approachable. Next month starts July sweeps, and while it’s not as big a deal as the other three rating periods, they still try to make an impact to attract higher numbers. I always try to respect their time by calling on them during the “off” months whenever possible.

    Now is a great time for preliminary homework so when mid-August rolls around, and you’re sending your kids back to school, or are swamped with business, your media campaign won’t end up on the back burner.

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    Susan Geary, CARW, is a former Network Television News Journalist and Radio Air Personality with over 17 years’ experience. She owns 1st Rate Résumés in San Diego, and works part-time as a Media Relations Specialist.

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