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    Resume Writers & Career Coaches: Make $$ with Interview Coaching (No Experience Required)

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    CDI CEIC - Make Money with Interview Strategy Coaching - No Experience RequiredBack in the dark ages of resume writing and career services (1995?) I rapidly transformed my business into a 6-figure profit center by doing one thing that is so much easier than you think:

    Incorporating interview preparation training into my packages and successfully closing the sales.

    The wording of the above sentence is critical!

    You see, a lot of resume writers (and even coaches) get caught up in thinking they have to master the nuances of coaching to prepare their clients for interviewing and salary negotiation.


    If you can:

    1. Dig out stories that demonstrate challenges, actions, and results for a candidate resume…
    2. Read pre-written scripts and share pre-developed handout materials…

    Then you can effectively prepare your clients for the all-important interview, play a greater role in their success, increase your revenue per client, and dramatically boost your profits.

    But here’s where it gets juicy:

    CEICIf you’ve been following along with my deep-dive lessons this week, you know I am talking about the Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC) course (and current big bonus) offered by CDI.

    Don’t know what I am talking about or haven’t read them? Get them here:

    99% of Your Clients Need This Service & It’s Easy $$ for You >>
    10 Ways to Profit from Job Interview Strategy Services >>
    17 Key Topics to Cover in Job Interview Strategy Sessions >>

    Now back to what I was saying…

    Yes, the CEIC is all-inclusive with the entire program one big ‘as you say it’ script that is color-coded and comes with done-for-you handouts, quizzes, sales strategies, and checklists.(PLUS, I provide you will selling and packaging strategies as well to be sure you can incorporate it and gain ROI).

    In reality, you can actually start using the program from the first glance – it’s that intuitive and easy-to-use.

    BUT, not everyone is self-motivated to learn on their own, and some just want more support.

    That’s why for Valentine’s Day I’ve shared the love with a BIG BONUS benefit when you register for the CEIC course (through Tues, 2/22/22).

    In addition to all the done-for-you materials, you will also receive:

    Access to the deep-dive coaching audio recordings from CEIC Live.

    There are NO plans to offer the CEIC as a live program again, and we’ve never offered any other registrants access to the recordings. However, for just one week only, all registrants will receive access to the 11 recordings where we answer questions, dig into content, and coach on the topics, including how to market and sell the services. This is 11+ hours of bonus material to listen to online or download as MP3s. $999 value.

    All modules in MS Word and PDF.

    Registrants to the CEIC program only receive the PDF modules for the course. Only Live registrants and anyone who registers this week will get access to download MS Word as well. Why is this great? It offers greater flexibility and ease in customizing client take-away materials! $299 value.

    Bonus group strategy session.

    Everyone who registers during this special will have access to a 60 minute hot seat coaching/Q&A session on Wed, April 6, 2022 at 12 PM Eastern. I’ve pushed it out until that date to ensure you have time to go through the material with your busy schedule. That way, the call can give you the greatest ROI through my coaching. I charge $450/hr for 1-1 coaching so depending on attendance, this could be a big ticket for you. (It will be recorded). Est $175 value.

    That’s $1473 in bonuses while you add a new credential and the potential for a new revenue stream!

    But this offer ends very soon!

    After Tuesday, 2/22/2022, the CEIC program will still be available, but you will no longer have access to:

    • Deep dive recordings.
    • Intimate coaching and strategy group call with me.
    • Flexible MS Word modules.

    Learn more about the CEIC program now >>

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