LinkedIn Marketing Boosts Career Opportunities

linkedin homepage; editorial

With so many professional networking and marketing opportunities online these days, a comprehensive, career-selling LinkedIn profile and company page (as relevant) is essential for promoting and validating your skills and offerings. And unlike a hardcopy business card or flyer, your services and contact details are easily accessible – they can’t be misplaced.

LinkedIn is fast-growing and high-profile.

Latest estimates of around 380 million LinkedIn global members is a prime justification for using this online marketing forum, particularly when factoring in that at least half of these users log on daily. The more networks and interactions that link back to your LinkedIn profile and/or company page, the greater your brand exposure.

Essentiality of LinkedIn profiles.

Whether networking or job seeking, once a potential client or employer has heard about you – including via word-of-mouth or shared connections – they’re highly likely to look you up (and maybe hook up with you) on LinkedIn. A well-written, fully utilised LinkedIn profile that showcases your personality will encourage deeper engagement; keyword optimise it and your findability will likely skyrocket.

Importance of LinkedIn company pages.

Most businesses should include a LinkedIn company page as part of their online marketing strategy. This not only delivers increased exposure to the brand –particularly when keyword optimised – but also provides an opportunity to connect in with staff members’ LinkedIn profiles and convey a united workplace image. 

LinkedIn takes it personally.

Although the more professional sibling of the social media family, an audience appropriate LinkedIn profile can help target readers understand what makes you tick. It’s an opportunity to showcase your career passions and ambitions in addition to your skills and expertise – a chance to get more personal.

Stay active to stay top-of-mind.

In addition to maintaining an attractive, informative LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn company page, regular postings and updates are essential. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more you’ll grow your networks, and the more likely you’ll achieve high search ranking ‘rewards’ from LinkedIn.

Invest well in a LinkedIn marketing and branding strategy – individual profile as well as company page (if relevant) – and you’re guaranteed to reap results.

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