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    How To Effectively Support & Empower LGBTQ+ Job Seekers (Video Masterclass)

    Webinar with Kyle Elliott: How To Effectively Support & Empower LGBTQ+ Job SeekersLGBTQ+ job seekers face unique challenges when looking for a job in today’s rapidly evolving labor market.

    How can you effectively support and empower LGBTQ+ job seekers in looking for a job?

    What are the best strategies to help LGBTQ+ talent stand out?

    What else must you keep in mind when working with LGBTQ+ job seekers?

    These questions — and more — were answered by our expert guest career coach, Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES, during the live webinar:

    How To Effectively Support & Empower LGBTQ+ Job Seekers.

    In this session we inadvertently covered great coaching strategies you can use with ANY client with an emphasis on effective tips for working with your LGBTQ+ job seekers:

    • How LGBTQ+ job seekers can successfully stand out in the saturated job market.
    • Kyle’s philosophy of empowering LGBTQ+ job seekers.
    • What kind of acceptance LGBTQ+ job seekers can expect to receive when they publicly own their fabulousness (and whether and when it can help them get to ‘heck yes’).
    • Recommended resources to use to find inclusive companies + how to use LinkedIn to identify companies that are going to be equitable and most receptive to LGBTQ+ applicants.
    • Mistakes career providers should avoid making when working with LGBTQ+ job seekers.
    • Coaching strategy that you can use when clients are putting their decisions on you or when they are stuck at a point in their job search.
    • How to tactfully put on your coach’s hat and reframe inappropriate or thoughtless comments that (non-LGBTQ+) clients may say to help improve their success in future interviews.
    • How job candidates can respond if asked about diversity, equity, and inclusion within an interview.
    • How you or your clients can subtly signal your race, LGBTQ+ identification, or even political or religious affiliation without negatively impacting your business or their job search.
    • How to signal to LGBTQ+ job seekers that you are a safe space for them as clients.

    Kyle ElliottAbout Kyle:

    Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES is the founder and career coach behind CaffeinatedKyle.com.

    As a result of working with Kyle, senior managers and executives have landed jobs at Meta, Amazon, Google, and nearly every other Fortune 100/500 company you can think of. They have also found happiness.

    A trusted career expert, Kyle’s words have been featured on Business Insider, CNBC, CNN, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Fortune, and The New York Times, among dozens of other leading publications. He is an official member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council, a member of the Gay Coaches Alliance, and a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

    Watch the Webinar:

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