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    Using the A-B-C-D Method to Leverage the Hidden Job Market (Video Lesson)

    CDI Video Lesson - Leverage the Hidden Job Market with the A-B-C-D MethodAs career coaches we know how critical it can be to direct our clients to effectively navigating the hidden job market to find their next position. That’s why we are excited to present this new video lesson:

    Leveraging The Hidden Job Market – Using the Award-Winning A-B-C-D Method

    Our guest expert presenter is Lori A. Jazvac, MRW, CCTC, CCST of www.creativeresumestrategist.com. Lori is also the recipient of an Honorable Mention for the CDI 2018 Career Innovator Award. She has also earned CDI’s Certified Hidden Job Coach and Profile Writer credential.

    In this 75-minute program, Lori promises to cover:

    • Topic 1: Modern Job Search
    • Topic 2: Hidden Job Market & Networking
    • Topic 3: A-B-C-D Method
    • Topic 4: Bonus Offers

    While I was listening to and engaging with Lori, I found these key takeaway topics you’ll want to learn about:

    • How today’s job search has drastically changed (and the change to remote work).
    • Importance of a social media presence for job-seeking clients – create, implement and deploy this strategy of job search.
    • Percentage of jobs that are hidden.
    • Trends that are happening now – gig economy, ageism, need for new skills, and industries in demand.
    • Most effective method our clients can use to secure new employment.
    • #1 purpose of networking and leveraging the hidden job market.
    • Four types of networking strategy and how your clients can be effective with their own and when networking with the different styles.
    • Details on the A-B-C-D method.
    • The 4 D’s of a new career horizon.
    • Ways introverts can get out of their comfort zone and be successful in networking.
    • Steps clients can use when starting the networking process on LinkedIn.
    • How clients can leverage their networking champions to get to those who can make interviews and opportunities happen.

    Lori A. JazvacAbout Lori:

    • Passionate, creative, award-winning Master Resume Writer – 35+ awards, TORI Nominee
    • Multi-Certified – 15+ designations, incl. NLP
    • Specialize in career transition coaching
    • Pioneered virtual career service firm (2013)
    • Support jobseekers of all fields and levels
    • Created courses: Salary Negotiations, Job Search Action Program & Kit, LinkedIn
    • Senior blog contributor, CPC

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