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    Lessons in Resume Writing from 2017 TORI Winners (Core Lesson)

    TORIAnother year of TORI competition has now passed and I can’t help but exclaim about how the overall design and presentation have been taken to yet another level. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by looking at the 2017 winners.

    If you haven’t had a chance to review the TORI-winning resumes, you’ll definitely want to put it on your calendar. Studying the strategies, writing styles, word choices, and endless formatting possibilities can help you to up your own game! While certainly TORI-level design isn’t necessary for every job, I think you will find it easy to agree that candidates with a TORI-level presentation will truly stand out and increase their chances of making it to the interview.

    These resumes represent the confidence, accomplishment, skill, strategy, and expertise of the candidate in a unique and powerful way.

    There are a few features that the majority of 2017 TORI winners have in common:

    1. Designs are elegant and high end with an emphasis on drawing the eye to tangible value.
    2. Metrics and accomplishments are both shown and told.
    3. Powerful writing, accomplishments, and unique selling propositions can still trump the best design.
    4. Writing tends to emphasize fluid and engaging stories.

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    The TORIs

    Just like creating TORI-winning resumes is a thoughtful multi-tier process, preparing to enter the TORis is as well.

    Former winners will tell you to start now to save yourself the most stress and anxiety as the deadline approaches (summer 2018). This can mean:

    • Study the 2016 and 2017 winners to see just exactly what they do right.
    • If you don’t have the design talents now, look for ways to gain them through playing with your existing resumes, taking a class, or mentoring.
    • Start a file now of resumes you would like to use for 2018 submissions.
    • Alter your client agreement so that clients give permission for their resumes to be included in future books or competitions. That way you won’t have surprises or extra legwork down the road.

    Winners will also tell you that you likely won’t have the “perfect” TORI entry in your files. As professional resume writers we are not always granted clients who are brave enough, savvy enough, or willing to invest enough for this level of design. Or, they simply might have all those perfect characteristics but not the most stellar of work histories and accomplishments.

    I like to say that many TORI-winning resumes are not born but created. In fact, I’ve referred to it even as a Frankenstein’s monster.

    The bottom line is not that you may have one perfect client to draw from but that rather the expertise, vision, design, writing, and outcome stem from your abilities to create a perfect TORI submission. Thus, you don’t want to beat yourself up expecting you’ll have created the end-all-be-all of TORI resumes by the time the 2018 competition opens. Instead, watch for great candidates who can be whipped into TORI excellence in time for the submission deadline!

    Hard work, time, discipline, and creativity do pay off.

    TORIs still are the #1 best way to make your business explode virtually overnight.

    Don’t believe me? Read TORI winner testimonials or ask a winner.

    The TORIs have the best ROI in the market for resume writer business building!

    What truly matters is that you JUST DO IT! You can never win a TORI award until you try to win a TORI award! 

    Want to know more about the TORIs? Learn more about the competition.

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