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    Cyber Week Specials

    Watch Mini Member Resources Tour

    ADMIN NOTE: LAURA ADDS: We use this tour as a teaser in a blog post for non-members. This video will be obsolete so that page should go away and I’ll just post the video to a new blog post.
    – After implementation, Redirect old post to this lesson: https://careerdirectors.com/tour-cdi-new-member-dashboard/
    – Use presto player for new tour and add jump links,

    Don’t have a lot of time?

    Take a crash course mini tour of the ALL NEW member dashboard to orient yourself to how it works and where to quickly find what you need.

    You’ll also have a chance to join a live orientation of the 90-day plan or go through a pre-recorded on-demand one (link coming 6/01) if you can’t make it live.

    Whether you’re a member who hasn’t logged in for a while or brand new, this mini-tour is a must!

    screenshot of the Dashboard

    The tour will help you to immediately realize all the member benefits, resources, lessons, networking, and support you might not fully be tapping into as a CDI member. It will also help you navigate the new layout, as it has been completely redesigned to be even more user friendly!

    Plus, there are some fun surprises ahead!

    In this short video we will explore:

    • New intuitive visual layout and tabbing system for easy use of your member benefits dashboard.
    • Added features that make locating purchases, bookmarks, and more a snap.
    • Available resources and member benefits you likely had no idea existed that are now easy to find in seconds.

    Ready to get more from CDI membership or peek behind the curtain at benefits?

    Join me for just 8 minutes to explore the new CDI member dashboard!

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