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    Watch Master’s Sales Tip Video Series

    6-Figure-Plus Video Master Class for Resume Writers & Career Coaches

    CDI President, Laura DeCarlo, created this video series based on the most common mistakes she sees and questions she receives around closing 3- to 4-figure sales for a 6-figure, stress-free income as a resume writer or career coach. 

    Each video is 4-10 minutes long and directly tackles a specific pain point you’ve likely experienced. 

    Keep in mind what Laura has found that led to this series: 

    • To close the high-dollar sales in career services has NOTHING. TO DO. WITH. SELLING.
    • It’s all about an educational process she calls edu-fearacating.
    • When you build edu-fearacating into an easy, foundational consultation process, it will be (as two of my private clients have now said), “Like you are giving away gold and your clients can’t get their credit cards out fast enough to give you”.

    Put all the videos together, and you have a master’s class that helps you:

    • Capitalize on a 3-step process that moves job seekers from the perception of it’s either a cheap DIY or an expensive luxury to recognizing your service is a MUST-HAVE at any price.
    • Make clients feel the package you suggest is instinctively the “just right” fit, even if they came in only needing a bandaid.
    • Overcome your own self-talk that has held you back from claiming and quoting the rates you deserve or is stopping you from recommending complete packages. Better yet, getting to “yes” with those offers.
    • Understand when and how to talk price to keep the prospect engaged and action-oriented.
    • Utilize simple wording and processes to re-engage a prospect who has to think about it.
    • Build the right packages for positioning your offerings to ensure both you and your clients have a win-win outcome.
    • Obliterate your weaknesses with an easy up-front analysis so you always put your best foot forward when prospects ask the unnerving questions.
    • Learn how to get clients to provide service feedback that will pre-close prospects on your website or LinkedIn profile like nothing else you’ve ever tried.
    • Convert the lurkers on your email list into buyers without discounting prices.

    It’s remarkably easy to get out of your own way when you have a simple process to follow.

    Plus, each video is only 4-10 minutes in length!

    Consider what Cathy Lanzalaco of InspireCareers.com said about this process:

    Working with Laura has transformed my sales process. Through use of her methodology I’m now closing sales at slightly more than double my former prices. Her wisdom and guidance also allowed me to begin experiencing sales breakthroughs with a particularly challenging population and even better, let me take a 2-week vacation while still having the largest revenue month of the year. I am excited about what success 2020 will bring!”

    So, if you are ready to get a taste of that success, check the video series out now.

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