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    Excited to Land a 4-Figure Resume Writing & Career Services Package Sale

    If you are a self-employed resume writer, career coach, or both, the only thing standing between you and a profitable business is process.

    Securing your livelihood starts with being able to close the sale.

    Review this one-stop, comprehensive 28-page done-for-you consultation script and sales strategy for resume writing and career services.

    With this proven high percentage close process you will be able to easily show job seekers the value in your services in a way that lets you successfully close 4-figure package sales over and over again.

    Consider how it worked for member, Karen Bartell of Best-in-Class Resumes:

    Portrait of Karen Bartell of Best-in-Class Resumes

    “I tried your 97% close rate script and it was like some kind of magic. I went into the spiel with the prospect, “3 different audiences, keywords, etc”.

    I described my packages (which thanks to you are now delineated and a choice between “Yes” and “Yes” instead of between “Yes” and some other writer) and pitched them $300 higher than previously. He acted like he couldn’t get out his credit card fast enough; like he was afraid I would go away.

    He tried to give me his credit card while driving! In the past they used to tell me they were driving as a way to get off the phone. But, by using your tried-and-true method, driving was not an object, it’s like I was giving away gold.”

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