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    Cyber Week Specials

    Promote Your Book to Job Seekers

    Promote your books to job seekers

    If you have authored a book — free or for-fee — did you know that CDI will post it and a link to your sales page in our public job seeker blog? (View the page).

    Talk about great SEO, visibility, and links!

    This resources shows up under multiple categories of the blog, including:

    Career Management, Cover Letters & Communications, International Job Search, Interviewing & Salary Negotiation, Job Search, LinkedIn Profiles,Networking, Resume Writing, and Social Media.

    To get your book listed, send an email to info@nullcareerdirectors.com with the following information in order:

    • Book Title
    • Book type: hardcover, paperback, spiral, e-book
    • Author Name
    • Company Name
    • URL for more information or purchase
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