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    Post Your First Ask/Share in the Community

    Did you know that you can get answers to your questions from fellow members on your real-time issues?

    Some of the uses of the group include:

    • Posting or learning about sub-contracting opportunities.
    • Sharing referrals.
    • Getting advise around a challenging client or project such as with resume writing, coaching, interviewing, LinkedIn profiles, and more.
    • Discussing a trend or article you just read that leaves you wanting opinions from your colleagues.
    • Finding partners for projects or services you don’t offer.


    Always start every post with the appropriate hashtag so members can easily frame the post and it can be indexed and organized for future sharing. (These are also pinned at the top of the group).

    #INTRO – tell the group about yourself

    #BUSINESS – issues/shares on selling, pricing, customer relations, office tech.

    #RESUME – issues/shares on resume writing and creation of other employment documents.

    #LINKEDIN – issues/shares on creating, editing, or troubleshooting a LinkedIn profile.

    #COACH – issues/shares on job search, employment, interviewing career coaching, and career change.

    #PRAISE – recognition of anyone in CDI who has supported you.

    #WIN – an achievement that doesn’t fit the other categories.


    🚫 No Promotions or Spam – only sub-contracting or referral opportunities are acceptable.

    🚫 No Unsolicited Direct Messages – responses should be made on the post unless agreed on to go outside group. Always ask in the comments.

    🚫 Respect Privacy – what’s shared in the group should stay in the group.

    🚫 Be Kind and Courteous – show up as your best self. Healthy debates are natural but kindness and support is required.

    🚫 No Hate Speech or Bullying – make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying, belittling or flaming in any form will not be tolerated.

    We reserve the right to remove a member who does not meet these terms.

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