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    Cyber Week Specials

    Learn from CDI’s Job Seeker Blog

    As a career professional, you get asked a lot of questions by your clients.

    There is a wealth of free information on the CDI website for job seekers for you to learn from and share with your clients.

    While you’re there, be sure to see how we feature our expert guest bloggers on the pages. This may be an opportunity for you as well! 

    Check out the job seeker blog here:

    Other Job Seeker Resources at CDI

    The Free Expert Resources for Job Seekers page has a free e-book called Supercharge Your Job Search and Free Global Hiring Report along with other resources, which you can download and share with your clients.

    REMEMBER. You can bookmark any posts in the Job Seeker Blog and Member Library for easy access later from your My Bookmarks tab on the Dashboard.

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