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    Download a Job Seeker Pass-Along Tip Sheet

    CDI's Tip Sheets for Job Seekers - Done-for-You Passive Income & Giveaways

    We’re excited to share with resume writers and career coaches our ever-expanding library of done-for-you, white labeled tip sheets for job seekers.

    When you are a busy career practitioner there aren’t enough hours in the day to furnish your services and create a suite of resources for either your clients or prospects.

    But we want to go beyond that, helping you make money while you sleep (or at least reducing your time spent per client while upping your revenue per client)!

    That’s why here at CDI we are in the process of converting many of the great Best Practices Tip Sheets we offer to our members into documents to use with those clients and prospects.

    Benefits & How It Works

    • White labeled and provided in MS Word so you can customize them — change content, add a logo, and include contact information.
    • Done for you so you can immediately put it into use.
    • Perfect for giveaways, building your list, or increasing your sales. When added to packages or sold as a stand alone it ups both value and cost. Some members even use one as gated content on their website as a lead magnet so they can build their email marketing list.


    1. Go to the list of Job Seeker Pass-Along Tip Sheets.
    2. Click on Add to Favorites to add it to your bookmarks for quick reference in the future.
    3. Select a tip sheet that is relevant to your business. A good one to start with is Client Template for Resume Targeted Tailoring.
    4. Click on the link for that Tip Sheet and read the instructions.
    5. Download the tip sheet and add your logo and contact information.
    6. Save it to your ready-to-use client resource library.
    7. Send it to a client or use it however you see fit.
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