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    Introduce Yourself to the Member Community

    Join the CDI Facebook Group

    It’s not enough to just join the CDI community on Facebook! It’s important to get seen and known for referrals, partnerships, and getting connected.

    An important first step is to introduce yourself!

    You can share whatever you wish, but here’s a favorite approach we’ve used at CDI in-person events: 

    • Step One: Take the first letter of your name and think of at least 2 words that describe you that start with that letter. This is how you will start your introduction.
    • Step Two: Write down one thing you are passionate about.
    • Step Three: Write down at least one fun or unusual fact about yourself. 
    • Step Four: Write down what you hope to get out of your CDI membership.
    • Step Five: Write down one thing you are proud of.
    • Step Six: Put it all together. 

    Bonus Points: Share a few images with your post that show us more about you! 

    Use the tag #INTRO in your post.


    #INTRO Hi everyone. Riffing on “Laura” I’m a lively and laser-focused business success coach. I’ve been in the careers industry over 20 years and founded Career Directors International in 2004. I love helping career entrepreneurs to create 6-figure-plus businesses and get out of the way of their own success and happiness. I’m most proud of recently authoring Resumes for Dummies, 8th edition. In my spare time I read, raise orchids, and dance Hawaiian hula despite three conditions that qualify for disability. Finally, my goal is to find great presenters for CDI events, help members connect and grow, and have a great time doing it. 

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